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Accelerated EDI Integrations

Quickly and easily build EDI integrations using EDI templates, integration wizard, API adaptors, field editor, mapping tool, and more

Full Visibility and Control

Add new partners, update integrations, manage users, and monitor and troubleshoot integration flows using intuitive management tools

NetSuite Expertise

Celigo’s expertise in NetSuite e-commerce and cloud integrations removes the headache of integrating EDI partners with your NetSuite ERP.

EDI Formats

With access to over twenty EDI X12 (ASC X12) file formats available directly from a drop-down box, Celigo integrator.io makes it easy to automate updates of sales orders, purchase orders, product catalogs, inventory, acknowledgements and other processes with trading partners.


  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 855 PO Acknowledgement
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice
  • 860 PO Change Request–Buyer
  • 865 PO Change Acknowledgement–Seller
  • 870 Order Status Report

Product & Inventory

  • 832 Price/Sales Catalog
  • 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
  • 830 Planning Schedule
  • 852 Product Activity Data

Warehouse (3PL)

  • 940 Warehouse Shipping Order
  • 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
  • 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
  • 861 Receiving Advice/Acceptance


  • 810 Invoice
  • 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice


  • 753 Request for Routing Information
  • 754 Routing Instructions


  • 180 Return Merchandise Authorization & Notification
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement FA

Unable to find a format? Contact us and we will build it for you—at no charge.

A Full Suite of E-commerce Integration Solutions

Use Celigo’s integrator.io for all your integration needs. EDI templates and integration tools make it easy to accommodate your specific business rules when exchanging and updating purchase orders, invoices, ASN, RMA, acknowledgements, and other key data with your trading partners. In addition to EDI integrations, pre-built Integration Apps, integration templates, and application adaptors are available to use a single platform to integrate shopping carts, order management (OMS), warehouse management (WMS), point-of-sale (POS), and any other systems that run your online business.

Easy Point-and-Click Integrations AND Rich Developer Tools

Use integrator.io integration wizard and intuitive flow builder to easily build integrations between your trading partners, disparate applications, and siloed data sources. The wizard provides step-by-step instructions on building integrations. For developers and advanced users, developer tools are available. Quickly add JavaScript, SuiteScript hooks, and other custom code using field editors with automatic syntax checks, handlebar expressions, code stacks, and other advanced capabilities.

Shopify - NetSuite Integration App Dashboard

Visibility to Manage Your Integrations

Gain visibility and control over your integrations using integrator.io powerful management tools. Use the intuitive dashboard to quickly update data mapping, configurations and other integration settings as needed. A dashboard of all integration activities makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot errors. Share integration management by using the flexible user management capabilities to set up system access rights and system alerts for any user.

The Modern iPaaS Platform - Fast, Scalable, Flexible

Celigo integrator.io is the modern iPaaS platform that offers an intuitive and powerful integration platform with support for REST/JSON, HTTP, XML, SQL, EDI, FTP, and on-premise agents.

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