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Business Processes Solutions

Data Warehouse Integration and Automation Solutions

Enable business teams to get data from multiple sources without waiting for IT resources.

Eliminate data silos and drive strategic decisions with access to real-time, accurate data.

Being data-driven is more than just removing silos and having data. It is about delivering the right data set to the right audience at the right time. Each department needs data, but their requirements and the ways that data will be utilized will be different.

With Celigo, you start with an integration and automation strategy that ensures data integrity, real-time access, and support for enterprise-wide data warehouse and analytics requirements.

Why iPaaS and why Celigo?

Businesses often rely on technical resources to build and maintain data pipelines and data warehouse integrations. These integration projects and the required maintenance are complex, timely, and costly.

Celigo enables tech-savvy business users to quickly load the data they need into a data warehouse to accelerate analysis and reporting without needing a data engineer or IT.

One platform to power the digital enterprise

Celigo enables you to solve both application and data integration on one platform. Empower your teams with the data they need to create insights from any cloud data warehouse.

Leverage newly created insights

Unlike traditional ETL tools, Celigo enables reverse ETL to bring those new insights back into your operational applications where business teams can immediately leverage them.

Improve insights with access to real-time data

Source data from multiple operational applications into your warehouse. Export that data into BI tools or into operational apps to leverage real-time data visualization.

A scalable solution

Scale and add new data sources as they become available without planning for long development projects. Move the day-to-day management of data integrations to the business while retaining visibility and governance over data pipelines.

Monitor and manage

AI-based error management gives your teams real-time visibility across all your integrations. Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues using easy-to-understand error management dashboards.

Save time and resources

Reduce IT time spent on integrations as business teams can create, modify, and manage their integrations without needing data engineering or development resources.

Celigo powers analytics across business systems

One platform serving your data and application integration needs.

When it comes to data warehousing and analytics, IT can become overwhelmed with requests and become the bottleneck. By standardizing integrations and automating the analytics and data use case, IT can:

Repeatable processes for adding for new data and analytics use cases

Empower less technical users with self-service

Address common integrations scenarios faster with pre-built integrations and connectors

Easily manage, monitor enterprise integrations

Data analytics teams are building data models while departments are requesting access to real-time data. By standardizing on an iPaaS platform and automating business process, your data teams can:

Leverage automation processes across the organization

Empower business owners with real-time access to the data they need

Improve data integrity, reduce reliance on spreadsheets

Reduce the involvement of technical teams

Marketing, sales, product management — they all need access to data and analytics to move the business forward. By automating data and analytics; business teams have access to better quality data, faster:

Easy access to accurate, timely data to inform business decisions

Reduce manual and error-prone processes

Reduce the reliance on Excel spreadsheets

Whether there is a centralized operations team or each department has operations and business analysts a platform strategy simplifies:

Access to real-time data

Streamlines reporting

Eliminates or reduce reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes

Elevates confidence in the data being curated and shared

Introducing Celigo’s Data Warehouse Business Process Application

In this click-through demo, find out how you can quickly source data from multiple operational applications into a single data warehouse to leverage real-time data visualization

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