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Cash Application Manager for NetSuite Integration App

Lower operating expenses, handle more payments with fewer resources and accurately manage cash flow.

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Payout to Reconciliation

Order to Cash

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Accelerate Financial Processes with a Cash Application Manager- NetSuite Integration App

Automating cash application of bank payments helps you drive efficiencies throughout the financial processes. Automate more than 90% of the manual, repetitive tasks associated with managing customer remittances that are made via bank funds transfers.

Lower DSO, reduce flow monitoring inaccuracies and improve visibility into your finances. Automate invoice matching of customer payments received from banks, such as lockbox, ACH, wire transfers, and credit cards.

celigo netsuite cash application manager flow diagram

Cash Application Manager – NetSuite Integration App Capabilities

Automatic Payment Capture and Cash Application

Automatically import bank payment files into NetSuite and convert them into NetSuite payment transactions. Immediately apply customer payments to outstanding invoices in NetSuite. 

Exceptions Handling

Automatically flag unmatched payments and quickly resolve discrepancies using the integrated Cash Application Manager dashboard. Minimize the time spent on discrepancies, mismatches, and errors.

Enhanced Automation with a Business Rule Engine

Use pre-configured rules or create new rules for handling payments and discrepancies with a robust business rules engine, letting you automate time-consuming and manual tasks.

Advanced Capabilities

Advanced capabilities such as flagging duplicate payments, using multiple accounts from one or multiple banks, and creating credit memos help you tailor Celigo’s Cash Application Manager to meet your specific needs.

Improved Customer Experience

Automating and expediting your cash application processes gives your customers a real-time view of their balances through an intuitive dashboard and enables a frictionless customer experience.

Cash Application Manager – NetSuite Integration App Editions


  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 500 cash transactions per month
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 3 file formats
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 1 bank
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenNetSuite OneWorld
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenCredit memo support


  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 2,500 cash transactions per month
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 5 file formats
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 2 banks
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenNetSuite OneWorld
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenCredit memo support


  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 10,000 cash transactions per month
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 8 file formats
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUp to 5 banks
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenNetSuite OneWorld
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenCredit memo support


  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenAdditional banks
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenAdditional file formats
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenAdditional transactions

The Celigo Platform

An Advanced iPaaS with Infinite Scalability


Built for the Enterprise

The platform has the power, tools, and governance needed to handle the most complex use cases.


Accessible to Everyone

Approachable user experience for business users so they feel confident creating and managing automations to fit their changing business processes.


Scalability to Support Breakaway Growth

Infinite scalability to connect any application with no limits on integrations or data volume.


Easy Monitoring and Management

The intuitive integration monitoring, error management, data mapping, and real-time alerts make it easy to monitor and maintain automations directly on your Celigo dashboard.


Managed, Prebuilt Solutions

The Celigo Platform provides a comprehensive library of solutions with built-in best practices, AI, and machine learning.


Robust Development Tools

Powerful integration tools for technical users to build complex integrations with custom coding.

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