Shopify – NetSuite Integration App

Automate your order-to-cash business processes, reduce errors, minimize time spent entering data, and automatically keep data synced between Shopify and NetSuite.


Automate the Order-to-Cash Process

The Shopify – NetSuite Integration App offers managed, prebuilt integrations. Sync data between both systems, automate time-consuming manual data entry and gain a complete view of the customer between both applications.

  • Import Orders from Shopify to NetSuite as Sales Order/Cash Sale/Invoice Add
  • Import Customers from Shopify to NetSuite Customer Add/Update
  • Import Transactions from Shopify to NetSuite Customer Deposit Add
  • Export Fulfillment to Shopify Fulfillment Add
  • Export Item Inventory from NetSuite to Shopify Inventory (Add/Update)
  • Export Item from NetSuite to Shopify (Add/Update)
  • Export Billing from NetSuite to Shopify Add
  • Export Orders from NetSuite to Shopify Order Add
  • Sync Fulfillment from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Export Customer from NetSuite to Shopify Customer Add
  • Sync Order Cancellations b/w NetSuite & Shopify
  • Sync Order Refunds b/w NetSuite & Shopify
  • Import Payout Reports from Shopify to NetSuite – Add-On

Shopify – NetSuite Integration App Capabilities

Multi-Channel Order Sync

Synchronize orders from all channels between Shopify and NetSuite to ensure orders are received and on time.

Keep Inventory Levels Updated

Update inventory levels from single or multiple warehouse locations with support for all the key NetSuite item types to prevent stock-outs.

Cancellations and Refunds

Sync order cancellations and refunds between Shopify and NetSuite and keep your customer service, customer data, finance, warehouse, and fulfillment teams up-to-date.

Fraud Prevention

Make order risk metrics automatically available with the sales orders information to help finance personnel identify potential fraud.

Promotions and Gift Cards

Match Shopify discount codes with NetSuite coupon codes, including individual line item discounts. Shopify gift cards that are redeemed can be tracked as a line item in the NetSuite sales order.

Payouts Reconciliation (Add-On)

Automatically download payout reports from Shopify to streamline cash flow management and identify payment discrepancies.

Retail Sales and Pick Up

In addition to importing Shopify POS orders into NetSuite, POS Pro features such as “Buy online, pick up in-store” and “Buy in-store, ship to customer” are supported.

Store-to-Store Cloning

Easily clone settings and mappings from one store to another and replicate their setup instead of starting from scratch.

Celigo Platform

Automate all your processes across
the enterprise with the right iPaaS

Scalable and robust

Whether processing hundreds, thousands, or millions of orders, enjoy infinite scalability for connecting applications with no restrictions on integrations or data volume.

Configurable and customizable

Celigo’s advanced configuration settings are built based on our experience seeing every imaginable use case, from individual settings to concurrency controls that help you scale.

Advanced functionality out of the box

Advanced features include payouts reconciliation, settlement reconciliation, sales tax reports, line-level promotions, order variances, gift cards, kit items, and more.

Easy monitoring and management

The intuitive integration monitoring, error management, data mapping, and real-time alerts make it easy to monitor and maintain automations directly on your Celigo dashboard.

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Getting both the Finance and Sales teams the information they needed in one place with no disruption to the business was a huge win for us.

Brett Olsen,


Head of Business Systems,