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Celigo: iPaaS Solutions for Support2022-03-04T16:57:30+00:00

Connect the dots and get everyone
on the same page

Customers have a better experience when everybody in the support and services teams have information at their fingertips - whether it be financials, history, tickets, marketing campaigns and much more

Celigo’s iPaaS (Integration Platform) allows companies to quickly connect data across applications to automate business processes.

Tie all the pieces together, from hiring to offboarding
Build, Manage, and Hand-off Integrations at Scale

Build, Manage, and Hand-off
Integrations at Scale

Whether you need a simple FTP integration or a complex orchestration between multiple applications with data transformations, Celigo has all the tools you need. Quickly build and manage integrations as they come - Celigo’s design makes it easy for less technical resources across your organization to maintain the integrations.

Complete Integration Platform
Complete Integration Platform
  • Connect anything to anything: CRM, expense management, storefronts, marketplaces, 3PL, EDI and so much more.
  • Deep iPaaS expertise
  • Customize as needed
  • Grow as you go
Complete Integration Platform
  • Intuitive and powerful: up and running in hours and days, not months
  • Only iPaaS with prebuilt integration apps
  • One platform to automate multiple processes
Complete Integration Platform
Low Total
Cost of Ownership
  • Built for technical professionals and business users
  • Powerful for IT to build complex integrations to anything - then hand off to business users
  • Flexible and scalable

Common Integration Use Cases

Celigo customers use to automate business processes across hundreds of applications, including:

  • Issue to Resolution
  • Pricing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Expense Reporting
  • Services Provisioning
  • Collaboration

Integration Templates

Integration Templates are pre-packaged integration flows to jump start integrations. Simply install the template to configure, modify, duplicate, or delete any included flows.