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Seamlessly integrate NetSuite with any other application. With hundreds of prebuilt integration apps and templates for NetSuite, automate any process and simplify complex use cases through ERP-led process automation.

3PL - NetSuite

Sync inventory data, automate orders, and monitor inventory levels.
Integration Template

Act-On - NetSuite

Sync Act-On contacts to NetSuite leads.
Integration Template

ADP - NetSuite

Seamlessly integrate payroll and employee data from ADP into NetSuite.
Integration Template

ADP Workforce Now (API) - NetSuite

Sync employee updates between ADP and NetSuite using an API.
Integration Template

ADP Workforce Now (FTP) - NetSuite

Sync employees and payroll journal entries between ADP Workforce Now (CSV file download from ADP Workforce Now) and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Amazon - NetSuite

Keep orders, inventory, and product updates accurate and consistent across your applications.
Integration App

Amazon FBA - NetSuite

Sync outbound orders, inbound shipments, receipts, and cancellations.
Integration Template

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Integration App for NetSuite

Fully managed integration between Amazon Fulfillment (MCF/FBA) and NetSuite.
Integration App

Amazon S3 - NetSuite

Send NetSuite cabinet files, attachments, and project lists to Amazon S3.
Integration Template

Amazon Vendor Central EDI (FTP) - NetSuite

Sync inventory availability, advance ship notices, purchase orders, acknowledgments, invoices, routing requests, and routing instructions.
Integration Template

Asana - NetSuite

Sync tasks, projects, and workspaces between Asana and NetSuite.
Integration Template

AutoQuotes - NetSuite

Built by Velosio Module. You will be directed to our partner website.
Integration Template

BambooHR - NetSuite

Sync employees between BambooHR and NetSuite.
Integration Template

BigCommerce - NetSuite

Connect multiple BigCommerce storefronts to NetSuite. Sync orders, inventory, and products.
Integration App

BigCommerce - NetSuite

Sync orders, customer groups, cancellations, refunds, products, order cancellations, billing, refunds, shipment and customers
Integration Template

BrainTree (FTP) - NetSuite

Sync BrainTree transactions as NetSuite cash sales.
Integration Template

Certify - NetSuite

Sync expense reports and employee data between Certify and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Coupa - NetSuite Expense to Reimbursement

Sync expense reports, users, journal entries, department, and expense line attachments.
Integration Template

Coupa - NetSuite

Sync expense reports, invoices, and items between Coupa and NetSuite.
Integration Template

DSCO (FTP) - NetSuite

Integration Template

Easyship - NetSuite

Sync shipment fulfillments and shipments between Easyship and NetSuite.
Integration Template

eBay - NetSuite

Sync customers, orders, products, inventory, and sales tax reporting, and connect multiple global eBay marketplaces.
Integration App

Eventbrite - Netsuite

Sync registrations between Eventbrite and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Excel - NetSuite

The leading integration app for visualizing and reporting on NetSuite and data in Excel.
Integration Template

Faire - NetSuite

Sync orders, inventories, and shipments.
Integration Template

FieldAware - NetSuite

Sync customers and items between FieldAware and NetSuite.
Integration Template

FinancialForce - NetSuite

Sync accounts projects, milestones, and currency exchange rates.
Integration Template

Freshdesk - NetSuite

Sync contacts between NetSuite and Freshdesk.
Integration Template

FTP - NetSuite

Move NetSuite files and attachments to an FTP server or import a file into NetSuite.
Integration Template

Gainsight CS - NetSuite

Sync personas and companies between Gainsight CS and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Global Risk Management (GRMS) - NetSuite

Submit risk assessment and get risk assessment results between Global Risk Management (GRMS) and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Google Shopping - NetSuite

Make NetSuite items and inventory levels available in Google Shopping with a prebuilt integration between Google Merchant Center and NetSuite. Built by Nova Module - You will be directed to our partner website.
Integration App

Happy Returns (FTP) - NetSuite

Sync shipments between Happy Returns (FTP) and NetSuite.
Integration Template

HubSpot - Netsuite

Sync deals, companies, contacts and opportunities between HubSpot and NetSuite
Integration Template

Jira - NetSuite

Optimize your product development processes and back office operations by connecting Jira and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Jobvite - NetSuite

Sync employees, classes and departments between NetSuite and Jobvite.
Integration Template

Klaviyo - NetSuite

Sync contacts between NetSuite and Klaviyo.
Integration Template

Loop Returns - NetSuite

Integration Template

Macy's EDI (FTP) - NetSuite

Integration Template

Magento 2 - NetSuite

Sync sales orders, customers, fulfillment details, cancellations, refunds, intentory, and prices.
Integration App

Mailchimp - NetSuite

Sync list members between Mailchimp and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Marketo - NetSuite

Sync leads between Marketo and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - NetSuite

Sync accounts and invoices between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NetSuite.
Integration Template

MIVA - NetSuite

Sync orders cancellations, customers, products, refunds, shipments, payments, and orders.
Integration Template

Namely - NetSuite

Sync profiles between Namely and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Newegg - NetSuite

Sync items, item inventories, sales orders, item shipments, submit reports, report statuses, and customer payments.
Integration Template

Newgistics 3PL (FTP) - NetSuite

Sync transfer order shipments and transfer order receipts between Newgistics 3PL(FTP) and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Oracle Supplier Network - NetSuite

Automate seller scenarios wherein a seller accepts purchase orders from the buyers and sends back ship notices and invoice details via OSN cXML format messages.
Integration Template

Orderful - NetSuite

Sync purchase orders, purchase order change requests, ship notice/manifests, and invoices.
Integration Template

Payout to Reconciliation Automation for NetSuite

Automate the reconciliation processes between payment gateways and NetSuite to speed up month-end close and avoid lost revenue.
Integration App

PostgreSQL - NetSuite

Sync customers, orders, and order details.
Integration Template

Pricefx - NetSuite

Sync customers, products, product extensions, and price lists.
Integration Template

QuickBooks - NetSuite

Sync customers, employees, accounts, items, vendors, sales receipts, invoices, classes, departments, and journals.
Integration Template

Recurly - NetSuite

Sync accounts, invoices, transactions, and credits.
Integration Template

Returnly - NetSuite

Sync return authorizations and automate refunds.
Integration App

Salesforce - NetSuite

Automate lead-to-cash and sync orders, opportunities, items, customers, and accounts.
Integration App

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (FTP) - NetSuite

Sync orders between SFCC and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Salesforce (CPQ) - NetSuite

Sync contract amends, contract renewals, and contracts.
Integration Template

Salesforce - NetSuite (SuiteBilling)

Sync billing accounts, opportunities, orders, quotes, subscriptions (custom record), and subscription change orders (custom record).
Integration Template

Salesforce Nonprofit - NetSuite Social Impact

Sync customers, products, product extensions, and price lists.
Integration Template

SAP Business Network Commerce Automation - NetSuite

Enable fully digital supplier collaboration capabilities. Sync purchase orders, order confirmations, cancellations, invoices, ship notices, goods receipts, and payments.
Integration App

SAP Business Network Commerce Automation - NetSuite (For Suppliers)

Sync purchase orders, purchase order confirmations, ship notices and invoices.
Integration Template

SAP Concur Expense - NetSuite

Streamline expense management, and sync users, companies, lists, and expense reports.
Integration Template

SAP Business Invoice - NetSuite

Streamline invoice management, and sync invoices, bills, employees, customers, and departments.
Integration Template

ServiceNow - NetSuite

Sync users, companies, orders, and incidents.
Integration Template

Shift4Shop - NetSuite

Sync orders, customers, fulfillments, and price.
Integration Template

Shipwire - NetSuite

Sync sales orders, fulfillments, inventory, and product information.
Integration App

Shopify - NetSuite

Sync customers, orders, fulfillment details, cancellations, and refunds.
Integration App

Skubana - NetSuite

Sync product stocks, products, vendors, orders, purchase orders, receipts, return merchandise authorizations, shipments, and stock transfers.
Integration Template

Slack - NetSuite

Sync sales orders and expense reports between NetSuite and Slack.
Integration Template

Snapfulfil - NetSuite

Streamline fulfillment and inventory updates by integrating NetSuite and Snapfulfil.
Integration Template

Snowflake – NetSuite Reverse ETL

Integrate Snowflake and NetSuite with Celigo's reverse ETL template. Enhance your quote-to-cash processes with real-time visibility into customer information.
Integration Template

SPS Commerce EDI (FTP) - NetSuite

Integration Template

Square - NetSuite

Sync orders, customers, and refunds between Square and NetSuite.
Integration App

Stripe - NetSuite

Sync orders, charges, and refunds between Stripe and NetSuite.
Integration App

SugarCRM - NetSuite

Sync accounts and contacts between SugarCRM and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Walmart - NetSuite

Optimize your Walmart ecommerce operations. Sync orders, customers, products, inventory, sales tax handling, and inbound shipments.
Integration App

Wiser - NetSuite

Sync items between Wiser and NetSuite.
Integration Template

WooCommerce - NetSuite

Automate your online order cycle, and sync orders, customers, shipping, fulfillment, billing, inventory, product, variations, and multi-store add-on.
Integration Template

Workday - NetSuite

Sync new hires and employee terminations between Workday and NetSuite.
Integration Template

Zendesk - NetSuite

Get a complete view of your customer data in Zendesk. Sync financials, tickets, support cases, time tracking, and RMA.
Integration App

Zendesk Sell - NetSuite

Sync person contacts, company contacts, and deals.
Integration Template

Zoho CRM - NetSuite

Sync accounts, contacts, and sales orders.
Integration Template

Zuora - NetSuite

Sync accounts, customer payments, and invoices.
Integration Template

Don’t see your app?

The Celigo Platform also supports custom integrations that can connect any application to NetSuite.

Automate every Oracle NetSuite business process end to end


Achieve perfect accuracy and speed across your ecommerce operations. Never miss an order, fulfill all orders quickly, keep your product listings up to date across all channels. Give your customers the best possible ecommerce experience.

Finance and Accounting

Automatically process transactions, payments, and receipts between NetSuite and your banks. Save time, improve cash flow, scale growth, and maximize your NetSuite investment using Celigo’s platform.

Supply Chain

Gain the benefits of real-time integration between NetSuite and your 3PL providers. Synchronize order data, fulfillment, and tracking info. Synchronize inventory adjustments. Export return authorization data to your 3PL. Get email alerts on errors and exceptions. Stay in the know.

Software and Services

Eliminate manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed with spreadsheets and email. Celigo’s platform automates critical business processes across front and back-office applications — that can be configured, deployed, and maintained with fewer technical resources.

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Scalable and Robust

Whether processing hundreds, thousands, or millions of orders, Celigo doesn’t miss a beat.


Configurable and Customizable

Celigo’s advanced configuration settings are built based on our experience seeing every imaginable use case, from individual settings to concurrency controls that help you scale.


Advanced Functionality Out of the Box

Advanced features include payouts reconciliation, settlement reconciliation, sales tax reports, line-level promotions, order variances, gift cards, kit items, and more.


Easy Monitoring and Management

The intuitive integration monitoring, error management, data mapping, and real-time alerts make it easy to monitor and maintain automations directly on your Celigo dashboard.

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