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Companies use multiple applications to run their business, and data is shared across them. As more applications are added, managing data gets challenging. Therefore, fast and effective integration of these ever-increasing applications is crucial for business success.

Celigo has extensive experience in ERP integrations. Celigo’s integration platform automates critical business processes and sharing data across front and back-office applications, enabling efficiently scale operations. Integrator.io iPaaS makes cloud integrations accessible to anyone – whether the user is an application admin, business analyst, advanced end user or IT developer.

Prebuilt integrations for Acumatica

Integration Template

ADP Workforce Now – Acumatica


Sync employees between ADP Workforce Now and Acumatica

Integration Template

Amazon Marketplace – Acumatica

Sync Amazon Marketplace and Acumatica for order management, shipping, fulfillment, inventory, pricing, cancellations, and settlements

Integration Template

BigCommerce – Acumatica


Sync customers, products, orders, shipments, billings, and order cancellations between BigCommerce and Acumatica

Integration Template

Certify – Acumatica


Sync expense reports between Certify and Acumatica

Integration Template

Easyship – Acumatica


Sync shipments and shipment fulfillments between Easyship and Acumatica

Integration Template

eBay – Acumatica


Sync orders between eBay and Acumatica

Integration Template

HubSpot – Acumatica


Sync contacts and companies between HubSpot and Acumatica

Integration Template

Jira – Acumatica


Sync projects, issues, and time between Jira and Acumatica

Integration Template

Magento 2 – Acumatica


Sync customers, products, orders, cancellations, invoices, and shipments between Magento 2 and Acumatica

Integration Template

Salesforce – Acumatica


Sync accounts, contacts, opportunities, financials, products, fulfillments, and orders between Salesforce and Acumatica

Integration Template

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (FTP) – Acumatica

Sync item inventories, items, price books, fulfillments, customers, and orders between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Acumatica

Integration Template

SAP Concur Expense – Acumatica


Streamline expense management between Concur Expense and Acumatica

Integration Template

SAP Concur Invoice – Acumatica


Sync invoice management between SAP Concur and Acumatica

Integration Template

ShipStation – Acumatica

Sync orders and shipments between ShipStation and Acumatica

Integration Template

Shopify – Acumatica

Sync customers, orders, inventory, fulfillment, product, billing, and cancellations between Shopify and Acumatica

Integration Template

Slack – Acumatica

Sync sales orders and expense claims between Slack and Acumatica

Integration Template

SugarCRM – Acumatica

Sync accounts and contacts between SugarCRM and Acumatica

Integration Template

WooCommerce – Acumatica

Sync customers, products, orders, fulfillments, and billings between WooCommerce and Acumatica

Integration Template

Zoho CRM – Acumatica

Sync accounts, contacts and sales orders between Zoho CRM and Acumatica



Optimize Ecommerce Operations and Delight Customers

Ecommerce companies need to be able to move fast, with low overhead and without errors. Automation of the business processes is crucial for their success, and integration is a key component in their automation strategy. Prior to integration, companies face significant challenges such as lack of visibility into orders, manual data entry and processes, which can lead to errors and delays in fulfillment. Subsequently, bad customer experiences will result in lower ratings and reduced sales. Therefore, integration between the ecommerce store and the back-end inventory management system is essential for smooth operations.

Celigo’s deep expertise with thousands ecommerce and back office integrations will enable you to seamlessly integrate Acumatica to your online channels. Celigo’s prebuilt integration will optimize your customers’ buying experience with timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability, and real-time statuses on orders and cancellations.

Common Integration Flows for eCommerce

Order Fulfillment
Collaboration & Others

Routing Request

Routing request to Amazon
Import Amazon routing instructions


Streamline Business Processes and Scale Faster

Companies that use Acumatica typically have multiple applications in use across different departments. One of the most frequent scenarios is one in which the sales team uses CRM to manage sales pipeline while finance uses Acumatica ERP to manage orders, billing, products, contracts, and other key data. Without seamless integration between these two applications, data silos can lead to longer billing cycles and reduced visibility into bookings.

Celigo streamlines the lead-to-cash process providing businesses a unified, full 360-degree view of customer data across sales, order management, finance, and other teams. This results in faster revenue recognition and reduced IT spend and ongoing development costs. With Celigo, companies can also run their marketing operations more efficiently by integrating their Marketing Automation to Acumatica.

Common Integration Flows for Software

Marketing Automation

Harsha Sarjapur

Acumatica Partner/MVP, InfoSourcing Inc.

“We built a rich, multi-cloud API integration integration for our client Kevins Worldwide so they can scale their business. If they want to switch to another ecommerce platform, we can implement that easily with less development or nocode development.”
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