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Featured integrations for Acumatica

Don’t wait months for implementation. Celigo’s prebuilt integrations for Acumatica allow your team to get up and running quickly.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (FTP) – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Item Inventories, Items, Price books, Fulfillments, Customers and Orders between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Acumatica.

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SAP Concur – Acumatica Integration Template

Sales & CRM

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Salesfore Integrations
Salesforce – Acumatica Integration Template

Automate lead-to-cash with Celigo’s Integration Template

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Acumatica Integrations for Concur Invoice

Streamline Invoice Management between Concur Invoice and Acumatica

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Acumatica Integrations for Concur Expense

Streamline Expense Management between Concur Expense and Acumatica

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Amazon – Acumatica Integration Template

Streamline and scale Amazon marketplace operations to help build your seller ranking with Celigo’s comprehensive integration solution

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ADP Workforce Now – Acumatica Template

Integrate ADP Workforce Now with Acumatica to bi-directionally sync employee information between applications for a unified source of truth.

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BigCommerce – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Customers, Products, Orders, Shipments, Billings, and Orders Cancellations between BigCommerce and Acumatica

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Certify – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Expense Reports between Certify and Acumatica

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Easyship – Acumatica Integration Template
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eBay – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Orders between eBay and Acumatica

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HubSpot – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Contacts and Companies between HubSpot and Acumatica

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Jira – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Projects, Issues and Time between Jira and Acumatica

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Magento 2 – Acumatica Integration Template

Streamline your Ecommerce Operations with Celigo’s Integration Template

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ShipStation – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Orders and Shipments between ShipStation and Acumatica.

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Shopify – Acumatica Quickstart Bundle

Streamline your eCommerce operations with the pre-built Shopify – Acumatica integration

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Slack – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Sales Orders and Expense Claims between Slack and Acumatica.

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SugarCRM – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Accounts and Contacts between SugarCRM and Acumatica.

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WooCommerce – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync customers, products, orders, fulfillments, and billings between WooCommerce and Acumatica.

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Zoho CRM – Acumatica Integration Template

Sync Accounts, Contacts and Sales Orders between Zoho CRM and Acumatica.

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Explore hundreds of prebuilt connectors, integrations, and complete integration apps that allow you to quickly implement common integrations and automations—significantly reducing deployment time and effort.

Acumatica Integrations

Featured use cases

Optimize ecommerce operations

Integrate your online stores with Acumatica to deliver faster order processing, accurate inventory updates, and real-time order statuses, optimizing the shopping experience and driving increased sales.

Ecommerce marketing automation

Optimize your marketing efforts through automation by integrating your marketing applications with Acumatica. Streamline workflows, accelerate decision-making, and boost overall operational efficiency across your organization.

Streamline your lead-to-cash process

Connect your CRM with Acumatica ERP to break down data silos, giving you a full view of customer interactions from sales to finance. This integration speeds up revenue recognition and cuts down on IT and development costs.

Celigo Platform

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the enterprise with the right iPaaS

Scalable and robust

Whether processing hundreds, thousands, or millions of orders, enjoy infinite scalability for connecting applications with no restrictions on integrations or data volume.

Configurable and customizable

Celigo’s advanced configuration settings are built based on our experience seeing every imaginable use case, from individual settings to concurrency controls that help you scale.

Advanced functionality out of the box

Advanced features include payouts reconciliation, settlement reconciliation, sales tax reports, line-level promotions, order variances, gift cards, kit items, and more.

Easy monitoring and management

The intuitive integration monitoring, error management, data mapping, and real-time alerts make it easy to monitor and maintain automations directly on your Celigo dashboard.

Getting both the Finance and Sales teams the information they needed in one place with no disruption to the business was a huge win for us.

Brett Olsen,


Head of Business Systems,



Customer success stories

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Learn how Celigo customers are driving innovation, streamlining processes by leveraging integration-driven automation.

All we needed was to connect two data points together, so it seemed silly to code a whole new app. When I looked at, it was exactly what I was envisioning.

Jonathan Bell

Director E-commerce


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Overall, we are seeing a 10x ROI from Celigo. We decreased our aged receivables by 20 to 30 percent because we weren’t spending all day posting. And this freed us up to spend more time collecting cash.

Ryan Maher

Director of Administration

Amigo Mobility

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Because with this seamless integration with Celigo, everything is always aligned, and we know that the data we’re looking at is actually correct. So rather than having to spend that time verifying what we see, we can dive deeper into the data. We essentially grow the business by using these tools.

Kieran Eblett

Finance Director


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Celigo is a Designs for Health success story. It has been perfect for our strategy for growth because it has allowed us to really serve our customers in the best way possible, as quickly as possible. We make the whole customer experience better, and when we make our customers happy, we increase our revenue. It’s a huge win for us to just be able to do this.

Wasseem Elkhatib

Information Technology Data Services

Designs for Health

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have done this a few times with different third-party platforms. And Celigo stands highest amongst all of them. I think they’ve done an incredible job. With our systems and platforms combined with Celigo, we’ll be ready as the hockey-stick numbers go through the roof.

Zach Horton

Director of Logistics

Ember Technologies

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