Supply Chain Integration
for Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale

Integrate your supply chain tools and automate business-critical processes in retail and wholesale.


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Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies with Integration

Drive Agility and Resilience

Respond quickly to market and supply chain disruptions. Seamlessly scale up and down your operations without adding resources. Easily switch your fulfillment locations to address demand.

Gain End-to-End Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain, such as inventory across locations. Eliminate delays in procurement, manufacturing and distribution.

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate excess inventory, operational delays and error-prone, resource intensive manual tasks for order processing, supplier communications, inventory and logistics management.

Dealing with supply chain complexity? Celigo is here to help.

Whether you are dealing with EDI, 3PL, warehousing & logistics, demand planning, procurement or order management, on Celigo’s iPaaS, you can connect key supply chain management systems and streamline your business processes.

Get ready to automate your supply chain

Order Fulfillment

Automate order fulfillment by connecting your sales systems to your ERP or warehouse.

Sync sales orders, shipment status, inventory levels and more.

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Streamline order fulfillment, warehousing and distribution by automatically sending requests to 3PLs.

Sync sales orders, transfer orders, shipment status, inventory levels and more.

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Streamline EDI trading by connecting your ERP to retailers, manufacturers, carriers, distributors and 3PLs.

Sync POs, invoice, shipment notifications and more.

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Demand Planning

Automate demand planning by integrating sales channels, 3PLs, warehouses, ERPs, demand planning apps.

Sync inventory levels, sales orders and more.

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Automate procurement by connecting ERP, procurement apps and supply chain systems.

Sync POs, ship notices, invoices and more.

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End-to-end supply chain integration with Celigo’s iPaaS

All your supply chain integrations in one place

Leverage repeatable processes to connect to trading partners, 3PLs, warehouses, and supply chain systems on Celigo’s integration platform. Conveniently manage and monitor all your integrations in one place.

User friendly integration

Celigo’s intuitive UI empowers business users to build, manage, customize and expand integrations, while advanced developer tools empower technical users to build complex integration scenarios from scratch.

A system that scales with your supply chain

Proven robustness to handle large data volumes and scale with increasing data and application endpoints.

Accelerated time-to-value with pre-built supply chain integrations

Quick start your integrations with pre-built templates for EDI and popular supply chain apps. Leverage our unique, out-of-the-box integration apps for ecommerce order management.

“I understand logistics, which is why I like what Celigo is doing. I just wanted something that was straightforward. Celigo builds this platform, does it well, doesn’t go down, and if something is wrong, you see it, fix it quickly and respond. We run the supply chain and operations management with myself and one person.”

Mike Small
Chief Financial Officer
OZ Naturals

How Businesses Can Leverage 3PL Integration for Operational Efficiency

In this webinar, Brynn Roberts from Specialty Incentives, Brandon Burns from 3PL Central, and Chris Bidleman from Celigo discuss best practices for fully automating 3PL management processes.

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