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September 17th, 10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT

While SAP Ariba Network has been a popular choice for managing trade related interactions for buyers and suppliers, NetSuite has been the go-to solution for managing ERP and accounting. When these systems are not connected, finance and operations teams have to manually transfer data between the systems to update purchase orders, shipment notices, invoices, payments, etc. Manual processes can often result in operational delays, accounting errors, poor visibility into order statuses and cash flows.

23 septembre, 14 h HAEC | 8 h HAE

Shopify, l’une des plateformes de commerce électronique les plus populaires, est employée par un grand nombre d’utilisateurs NetSuite. Pour les organisations qui utilisent Shopify et NetSuite, il est important de faire évoluer les opérations pour faire face à la croissance. L’automatisation grâce à l’intégration contribue à l’exécution rapide des commandes et des remboursements, au maintien de niveaux des stocks adéquats, à la juste réconciliation des paiements, et à l’exactitude des données de commandes et de ventes utilisées pour la planification financière et comptable.

September 24th, 10am PDT | 1pm EDT

This 2020 holiday season, more than any other year, will be driven by ecommerce and an increased dependency on online sales. In order to process the shift in online orders effectively, businesses will need to get operationally ready by launching new channels with automated key order-to-cash processes.

September 24, 10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT

Recent events have forced finance and accounting teams to attempt to make decisions quickly, often without all of the necessary data. Excel was designed to address this, but most spreadsheets are isolated from the data users want to analyze. Learn how CloudExtend allows finance users to leverage Excel’s familiarity and flexibility to bypass copying and pasting, CSV uploads, and manually entering data into NetSuite.

September 30th, 10am PDT | 1pm EDT

Businesses taking a multi-channel sales approach using different ecommerce marketplaces -- in addition to their retail locations and webstores -- need to ensure product information is consistent across these different channels. If they are leveraging 3PLs for fulfillment, they also need to ensure product information is up-to-date at different warehouse locations, especially when dealing with marketplaces in multiple countries.

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