Ecommerce automation simplified with business-friendly integration

Connect your apps, automate processes and get visibility into your business.

Accelerate your ecommerce business

Seamlessly Scale Your Business

Automation streamlines your whole ecommerce operations to scale, helping you grow while keeping operational costs as low as possible.

Improve Customer Experience
Automating order and returns processing results in fast fulfillment, refunds and real-time customer updates. Unified customer view reduces time to resolution for support cases.
Avoid Lost Revenue
Real-time visibility into orders and inventory across online stores and warehouses helps ensure accurate forecasting, timely procurement, distribution and avoid stock-out.

The only iPaaS with full ecommerce coverage

The only integration platform with a comprehensive library of solutions built to support ecommerce specific business processes. With Celigo, you can scale your business as you grow and say goodbye to operational inefficiencies leading to customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

Order to Cash

Speed up order processing by connecting ecommerce storefronts, marketplaces, ERP, 3PL, payment gateways.

Sync customers, sales orders, fulfillments and more.


3PL Fulfillment

Streamline order fulfillment by automatically sending orders to 3PLs.

Sync orders, shipment status, inventory levels and more.


Inventory Management

Automate returns processing across your online stores, warehouses, ERP and POS.

Sync RMAs, returns receipts, refunds, and more.


Supply Chain Management

Automate returns processing across your online stores, warehouses, ERP and POS.

Sync RMAs, returns receipts, refunds, and more.


Customer 360

Gain complete visibility into each customer.

Drive down issue resolution time by getting insights as issues happen.


Small business owner

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Stay competitive by streamlining marketing across any consumer channel. Automate digital marketing processes, boost growth, and improve marketing performance with real-time data.


Ecommerce automation for every stage
of your business.

Automating all of your ecommerce business processes with Celigo’s iPaaS helps scale your operations as your business grows and enables you to work with less resources in unexpected times of stress. When selecting an integration provider, don’t settle, pick one that will continuously meet the needs of your evolving business.

Business-friendly integration

Intuitive UI empowers business users to build and manage integrations without coding. With easy monitoring and error management through dashboards any user can understand, you don’t have to rely on costly IT resources in order to run your business.

Confidence in handling
BFCM demand

With our platform’s proven scalability and robustness to handle large volume of transactions during peak sales seasons, growing orders will no longer need to be an operational bottleneck.

Accelerated time-to-value
with pre-built Ecommerce

Pre-built integrations capture most common Ecommerce use cases, so that you can get quickly started without having to build integrations from scratch. In addition to our pre-built templates, Celigo is the only iPaaS that offers out-of-the-box, fully managed integration apps.

Real-time, accurate visibility into your business and customers

On our platform, you can sync data in real-time and take action immediately. Unified, accurate data across systems supports data driven, healthy decision making for your business.

Matt Riddle

Director of Systems & Strategy

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“Celigo has definitely enabled us to grow our business while maintaining fixed resources. I was able to rapidly complete my integration projects for about one-sixth of what my parent company had slated as the capital budget. Celigo saved us a tremendous amount of money.”

The Executive Guide to Best Practices for Ecommerce Integration

Automation also supports business growth. In 2020, many businesses realized that the infrastructure in place may not be sufficient to handle the increased volume of orders and the need to scale efficiently.

Automate every use case
across thousands of applications and departments.

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