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Go from quote to cash faster—and with more accuracy—than you ever thought possible. Drive automation across the QTC lifecycle with Celigo.


Optimize the quote-to-cash process

Solve quote-to-cash, end-to-end, across sales, operations, and finance no matter the complexity or uniqueness of your QTC process.

Proven success in QTC processes

With over a decade of experience and thousands of SaaS and software customers, no one else can offer our level of end-to-end coverage with expert guidance and customizable business best practices.

Faster payments

Speed up the quote-to-cash process, and reduce errors with a streamlined, unified workflow that effortlessly spans your sales, finance, CRM, ERP, and accounting platforms.

Revenue recognition

Go from sales to cash faster and easier by simplifying and automating your invoice and payment processes. Eliminate the data silos between sales and finance using prebuilt solutions with built-in best practices.

Billing accuracy

Reduce disputes with QTC automation that ensures your invoices reflect the agreed-upon terms and services.

The quote-to-cash process


Payout reconciliation automation

Integrate payment gateways with your ERP and accounting systems. Optimize processes and boost accounting productivity with automation.

The change with Celigo was noticeable right away. For the sales team to have financial data after they asked for it for two years, and that it actually went comparatively easy, was a wake-up call for us. Everything that we promised to the users: it just worked. It was a huge success.

Katia Malashyna-de Jong,


Financial Systems Director,




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