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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment


NetSuite – Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Integration App

 Sync order, fulfillment, and cancellation data between Amazon MCF and NetSuite.

Primary Business Process

Order to Cash

3PL Fulfillment

Business Categories

Supply Chain




Automate Your Logistics Processes

The Amazon MCF – NetSuite Integration App is a prebuilt Integration App that streamlines your back-end logistics by eliminating the need to track each sales order manually. Sync your orders, fulfillment, and cancellation data between the two systems automatically.


Sales Order

Amazon – NetSuite Integration App Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF/FBA) with NetSuite, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently.

Orders Automation

Automatically create new orders in Amazon whenever incoming NetSuite sales orders are available, reducing the manual data input needed.


Process cancellations quicker without manual data entry. Automatically sync canceled orders from NetSuite to Amazon MCF.

Settlement Reconciliation

Automatically download Settlement reports from Amazon and reconcile by creating journal entries to streamline cash flow management and identify payment discrepancies.

Scalable and Easy to Manage

Get up and running quickly with the Amazon MCF-NetSuite Integration App. Integration Apps are entirely managed and receive ongoing updates.

Amazon – NetSuite Integration App Editions

Starter Edition

The starter pack for end-to-end ecommerce automation. 

  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenSync Orders from NetSuite to Amazon
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenSync Order Cancellations from NetSuite to Amazon
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenSync Fulfillments from Amazon to NetSuite

Celigo Platform

Automate all your processes across the enterprise with the right iPaaS


Scalable and Robust

Whether processing hundreds, thousands, or millions of orders, Celigo doesn’t miss a beat.


Configurable and Customizable

Celigo’s advanced configuration settings are built based on our experience seeing every imaginable use case, from individual settings to concurrency controls that help you scale.


Advanced Functionality Out of the Box

Advanced features include payouts reconciliation, settlement reconciliation, sales tax reports, line-level promotions, order variances, gift cards, kit items, and more.


Easy Monitoring and Management

The intuitive integration monitoring, error management, data mapping, and real-time alerts make it easy to monitor and maintain automations directly on your Celigo dashboard.

See what our customers have to say:

Learn how Celigo customers drive innovation, streamline processes, and create new growth opportunities by leveraging integration-driven automation. 

“We’re about to launch on Amazon Australia. Sure enough, we can just add that to our existing Celigo Amazon connector and get that automated. It’s going to take a lot of the unknowns out of the process!”

Kerri Stenson

Co-owner, Urban Market Bags

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