Integration and automation solutions by business process and function

Learn how Celigo solves business process automation across many departments and use cases.


Celigo is your single point for business process automation across the entire enterprise. Find out how Celigo’s iPaaS integration platform helps your various teams automate processes end to end.

IT Process Automation (ITPA)

Transform your entire IT landscape through end-to-end IT integration and automation.

Finance and Accounting

Enable your finance teams to focus on boosting revenue and profit, not tedious administrative tasks.


Streamline your whole ecommerce operations to scale, helping you grow while keeping operational costs as low as possible.

Ecommerce Marketing

Automate digital marketing processes, boost growth, and improve marketing performance with real-time data.

SaaS / Software

Centralizing security and administration while standardizing on a platform that empowers IT and business users.

Human Resources

Free your HR teams from manual processes — so they can focus on creating amazing new employee experiences.

Customer Support

Connect your business applications for full customer support visibility.

Business processes

Celigo applies unique embedded business logic to automate and optimize processes based on industry best practices — without the need for scarce technical resources.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Automate IT business processes and scale your operations as your business grows.


Enable ecommerce and retail teams to quickly streamline sales and operations, creating the perfect customer experience with less overhead.


Accelerate sales cycles and increase profits by automating the quote-to-cash process end-to-end.

Employee Onboarding

Create a flawless onboarding experience through integration, with seamless data syncing, provisioning, and enrollment.

Supply Chain

Automate order fulfillment, 3PL, EDI, procurement, and more to simplify your supply chain processes.

Demand Planning

Speed up demand planning operations, improve customer relations, and put all your data in one place.

Data Warehouse

Unlock data silos and enable business teams to get data from multiple sources without waiting for IT resources.

Payout Reconciliation

Integrate your payment gateways with your ERP or accounting systems for automated reconciliation.

Customer 360°

Gain visibility, eliminate errors, optimize customer engagement, and drive down issue resolution time.

Social and Search Digital Marketing

Improve product discoverability and launch new products quickly across all your advertising channels.

3PL Fulfillment

Speed up fulfillment, avoid lost revenue, and get real-time visibility into your inventory across warehouses.

Procure to Pay

Optimize procurement operations by connecting procurement, accounts payable, and suppliers.

Item Management

Drive more ecommerce sales by achieving consistent, accurate, and fast product updates across systems.

Returns Management

Build customer loyality by reducing the cost and time of returns without manual errors.

Hire to Retire

Automate benefits, timesheets, SSO, training, expense management, and more, without losing the human touch.

Ebook: Building Your Integration Roadmap

Learn how to prioritize your business processes and start building an integration roadmap that supports your organization’s high growth.

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