Loved by customers

  • First and foremost, the Integrator surpassed all of our NetSuite integration needs. In a very short time we were able to launch two relatively large integrations, one of which was with a very large logistics company. All in all, we were amazed at just how simple and intuitive the tool was to use. In fact, we didn't read any product guides, nor did we go through any lengthy training sessions; we were able to just get started. Looking forward, this product actually allows us to use NetSuite in an incredible way. More than just an ERP system now, NetSuite is both our hub and transport layer for our core business data. Very happy customer! Strongly recommend this product.
    Damen Seminero, CTO,
    Jonathan Adler
  • Easy to configure and easy to manage solution for interfacing with our 3PL. Once it's up and running, there's very little to do, and we are able to export orders and other info on demand when needed. Very reliable and low-maintenance solution.
    Jeff LeBlanc, Co-founder,
    Out of Print
  • Set it and forget it. Works well to import and export pricing, info, pictures, and sales orders. Works with FBA also. Very little downtime with quick customer support by email. Highly recommended. We recently upgraded to the Amazon Connector Enterprise version which automatically reconciles our settlement reports and builds the corresponding bank deposit. Our Accounting Manager saves over 5 hours of tedious reconciliations per month month just with this new functionality alone.
    Jesse Driscoll, General Manager,
    Contractors Direct
  • We have implemented a number of Celigo's products into our business with great success, and the eBay Connector was no different. The solution allows us to efficiently integrate our Ebay business with Netsuite, making the flow of orders and product data seamless. The more streamlined process creates a better experience for our customers and is less of a burden on our staff. I highly recommend that any e-commerce business operating on the Netsuite platform should take a serious look at Celigo's suite of connectors.
    Eric Wildey, Vice President,
    Game Room Guys
  • The Shopify Integrator works great for us! The setup was easy and the time it saves us is indispensable. The user interface is clean and easy to use, it runs quickly and requires little to no maintenance. Celigo's support while setting up, and adjusting the Integrator was great and it feels good knowing we're working with a team that understands NetSuite and this type of integration very well.
    Rob Pizzolato, Creative Director,
    Essential Living Foods
  • This has proven to be an excellent application allowing us to synchronize both order and item data from Netsuite to Magento and Magento to Netsuite. It is easy to use and very reliable. We would without hesitation recommend this extension to anyone requiring this functionality.
    Oliver Churcher, Marketing Manager,
  • Celigo's Salesforce-Netsuite integrator has been a great investment for us. It has eliminated the need for double entry of data and been robust and configurable enough for us to make changes with our changing needs. It was also far simpler to implement than a custom integration, something we had to struggle through for our legacy ERP system. The connector allows us to keep our ~3000 products and 10 price books across multiple regions and currencies in sync between Netsuite and Salesforce and gives us one-click generation of Sales Orders in Netsuite from Salesforce Opportunities.
    Scott Russell, Systems Administrator,
  • I have used Lockbox products before and you never know how much time you are really going to save when you implement it. This implementation was great. We are matching 90%+ each deposit and it has saved us about an equal amount of processing time. The actual implementation was very easy and our cash application group was able to pick it up very quickly. We could not be happier
    Aaron Kleinhandler, CEO,
  • The Celigo Gmail integration has drastically improved how we interact with our customers and contacts when we receive requests and questions about orders. Being able to directly attach an email and have it available for future reference has made our Customer Care group more efficient even if a different Customer Care rep handles the communication.
    John Cirocco, Director of IT Kegworks,
  • The SmartClient is a great product, I encourage everyone to have it available for at least some of their users.
    Evan Goldberg, Founder and CTO,
  • Great application for including into your collection of SuiteApps.
    Tim Frazier, Inventory and Forecast Analyst,
    Physi-Cal - Integrate anything with anything

Integrate anything

Quickly set-up automated dataflows between popular cloud applications and files.

Data loader

Easily and quickly upload data to all your cloud applications with ease.

Prebuilt integrations that just work

SmartConnectors are the smart way to streamline your business. They are prebuilt, turnkey integrations for popular cloud applications that are easily deployed and highly configurable. Backed by Celigo’s integration platform, SmartConnectors are proven,
full-featured, managed integrations that connect your business applications faster, more reliably, and more
cost-effectively than any other solution.

Productivity AppsOut of the box Integration Apps to make most out of your NetSuite, Salesforce and G Suite Investments.
Celigo Productivity Apps help customers do more in less time.
Excel SmartClient for NetSuite and Salesforce

The Excel SmartClient integrates Excel with NetSuite or Salesforce allowing you to take advantage of Excel’s data manipulation functions to retrieve, update, add, and delete data.

CloudExtend for G Suite integrates your NetSuite with Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive, even allowing you to edit and view NetSuite records from within Gmail.

Backed by Celigo’s iPaaS, SmartClient and CloudExtend Apps have helped thousands of users do more in less time.