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Hundreds of applications.

Thousands of business processes.

Millions of combinations.

ONE iPaaS.

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The right iPaaS for IT and business teams alike

Celigo allows IT and line-of-business teams to automate business processes, 
enabling the entire organization to be more agile and accelerate business growth.

Integrate any business 
application or data 

to any other 
business application
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Automate and optimize 
business processes 

end to end using 
embedded business logic
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Accelerate digital 

programs across the 
entire organization
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Business automation platform
development workspace

Through a powerful yet approachable user experience, and by leveraging AI, Celigo allows IT and non-IT users to build custom integrations, mappings, and embedded business logic to automate and optimize any business process.

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Industry’s only prebuilt business process automations with embedded business logic

Powered by our unique Integration Application Framework, only Celigo delivers managed prebuilt integration applications that include embedded business logic to automate up to 100% of a business process.

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Self-service platform with enterprise-grade governance and scalability

The Celigo Platform allows IT to enable business teams to build, manage, and monitor the business process they own while ensuring unified best practices, data security and scalability to meet the needs of the business today and in the future.

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Celigo is the platform that brings it all together.

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Celigo named G2 Best Software

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