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More than
an iPaaS.

Your blueprint
for success.

The Celigo Integration Platform (iPaaS) connects applications and automates processes with support and recommendations from real human experts.

2022 Forrester TEI Study

Industry leaders depend on Celigo to stay ahead

Celigo customers
realize a


return on investment

Celigo saves end users
more than
100 hrs
per year
Development times were reduced up to
75 %
after switching to Celigo

in data


time reduced


Get the most from your tech stack and your teams

The right data, in the right place so you make the right decisions

Disconnected apps lead to a lack of visibility, errors, and silos. Integrate and automate processes so everyone has the data they need to make better business decisions.

Scale and control in a single platform

Solve today’s business problems and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s potential with a platform that is robust, reliable, and secure enough for your enterprise.

Solve your most complex integration needs

Integrating systems is never straightforward. You need a platform that supports a breadth of integration patterns with the flexibility to use anything from drag and drop to advanced script & code injection.

Automation for IT and business users alike

Integration is no longer just an I.T. challenge. With Celigo, IT sets the governance and controls the tools so business users can automate the processes closest to them.

Integrate any application and its data

Utilize the larger Celigo community by accessing hundreds of prebuilt solutions to augment or extend your automations.


A smarter approach to automation

Finding the right iPaaS is half the battle. You need a partner who understands your business automation goals and how people, process, and technology come together.

Trusted by thousands

We support you no matter where you are on your journey.
Learn why thousands of market-leading companies choose Celigo.

Unlocking 10x growth with less spend

“Celigo has helped us grow our business 10x over the last five years by letting us concentrate our core competencies. They’ve allowed regular business users to automate and manage the different tasks, while still giving the IT and technical users the ability to automate the more advanced processes for the people who are more comfortable doing that.”

– Jeff Hill, Director, Global Supply Chain

Managing 5x increase
in transactions during COVID

“Celigo helped us determine not only what to connect, how to connect, and when to connect it, but also what our business required. Our volume of transactions increased fivefold since pre-COVID. It would have been near impossible to manage that kind of volume before Celigo.”

– Malcolm James, Director Of Information Technology

Reducing manual data entry,
accelerating time to close

“The change with Celigo was noticeable right away. For the sales team to have financial data after they asked for it for two years, and that it actually went comparatively easy, was a wake-up call for us. Everything that we promised to the users: it just worked. It was a huge success.”

– Katia Malashyna-de Jong, Financial Systems Director

Where are you on your automation journey?

Take this short assessment to see where your integration maturity stands against other organizations


Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Ad-Hoc" phase of your integration maturity.

You are at the very beginning of your automation journey.

Automation is probably an afterthought for your organization or is done in decentralized silos. You might have a scattering of SaaS applications and integrate one here and there, but there isn’t a plan for company-wide automation.

The good news:

You have to start somewhere and we’re excited you’re here to begin your automation journey with us! Visit the related resources links to learn more about how to get your organization could benefit from automation.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Developing" phase of your integration maturity.

You may be integrating, but you aren’t taking advantage of automation.

While you may be integrating certain applications to remedy acute pain points, your current strategy is reactive in nature. And while you have started to think about automation at a department level, it doesn’t stretch across the whole organization.

The good news:

You’ve already seen some benefits of automation, so let’s take the next step! Visit the related resources on this page to learn how you can expand automation in your organization for even better results.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Centralized" phase of your integration maturity.

Your company is in a good position to attain organization-wide automation, but the burden is falling on your IT teams.

You are starting to centralize your automations and look at complex integrations needed to resolve issues across departments, but have not taken the step to broaden the automation scope.

The good news:

You’ve made some great strides in getting ready for organization-wide automation! Visit our related resources to learn more about continuing your journey.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Optimized" phase of your integration maturity.

Your organization is living in an optimized state, but still doesn’t have an automation-first mindset.

You’ve figured out how to use both IT and business resources to automate processes across the business and have likely figured out how to create reusable automation assets. The next step is to put automation at the center of your planning.

The good news:

You’re so close to being an automation machine! Visit our related resources to learn more about how you can uplevel your automation game.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Empowered" phase of your integration maturity.

You have an automation-first mindset and your business is ready to scale!

You likely already have a blueprint for integration and automation in place. Your business teams are empowered, proactively improving their business processes. And you’re automating processes across your entire business.

Don’t stop now!

You’re an automation pro! Visit our related resources for ideas on other ways to continue to benefit from automation.

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