WooCommerce – NetSuite Integration Template

Sync customers, products, and sales orders while providing real-time visibility into order status and cash refunds.

Primary Business Process


Business Categories






Automate the Order-to-Cash Process

This integration provides real-time visibility into customer orders, enabling you to manage orders more effectively and keep customers informed about their shipping status. Eliminate pricing inconsistencies between WooCommerce and NetSuite and automatically manage refunds and cancellations.

Included Flows

This integration flow syncs NetSuite cash refunds as WooCommerce v2 refunds.

This integration flow syncs NetSuite order status as WooCommerce v2 order status.

This integration flow syncs WooCommerce v2 customers as NetSuite customers.

This integration flow syncs WooCommerce v2 orders as NetSuite sales orders.

This integration flow syncs WooCommerce v2 products as NetSuite items.

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