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Compliance with NetSuite Concurrency Governance

by Rico Andrade
December 12, 2017

NetSuite introduced new concurrency governance rules with the fall release of NetSuite 2017.2. Previously, concurrency for web services and RESTlets was governed separately per user and authentication method. With 2017.2, limits are applied based on the combined total of web services and RESTlet requests. Customers can increase the number of allowable concurrent requests by purchasing additional SuiteCloud Plus licenses.

Based on customer inquiries, we have created a quick FAQ on how Celigo products* comply with these new rules.

How does Celigo comply with NetSuite concurrency governance rules?

Celigo integrator.io and Integration Apps based on integrator.io allow full control of NetSuite concurrency settings via the NetSuite Connections dialog. If a concurrency limit is reached, integrator.io will automatically retry a request (once per second for 5 minutes). This prevents transient spikes in concurrent requests from interfering with integration flows.

You need to ensure that the combined concurrency settings for Celigo integrations (vis-a-vis integrator.io and Integration Apps based on integrator.io) and for other non-Celigo integrations do not exceed the total allowance for your NetSuite account.

Can Celigo take advantage of additional SuiteCloud Plus licenses that are purchased?

Celigo integrator.io can seamlessly use extra concurrent requests available from SuiteCloud Plus licenses. Simply modify the NetSuite Connections settings to take advantage of the additional capacity. Celigo can also work with customers to make recommendations on whether additional SuiteCloud Plus licenses may be required.

Can Celigo scale for NetSuite users?

One of our highest volume customers using the Celigo Shopify-NetSuite Integration App easily handled over 100k orders on Black Friday, and a slightly lower number on Cyber Monday. A large number of concurrent NetSuite connections (40+) were used during these peak times. As per the previous point, we worked with the customer beforehand to ensure they had additional SuiteCloud Plus licenses to accommodate the anticipated workload.

How can I find out the concurrency limits for my NetSuite account?

Within NetSuite, NetSuite admins can go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences and see their account’s Concurrency Governance called “ACCOUNT CONCURRENCY LIMIT”. The number listed here is the maximum number of concurrent requests that is allowed for the account.

How can I determine if my Celigo integrations are impacted by NetSuite’s concurrency rules?

View the Support Knowledge Base Article for troubleshooting tips. You must be logged into your Celigo account to access the article and to file a Support ticket if needed.

*This article only addresses products that are based on the Celigo integrator.io platform. The NetSuite-Salesforce V2 Integration App will be updated in Q1 2018.

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