Reduce the cost of returns and build customer loyalty

Improve your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the logistics and supply chain sector by automating third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment.


Automatically manage your returns

Provide customers easy means of returns to stand out from the competition while spending less time and money on your return management processes.

Drive repeat sales

Build customer loyalty through a smooth product return experience with automated status updates, fast refunds and exchanges, that translate into repeat sales.

Gain a competitive advantage

Integrate your ERP or online stores with popular returns management apps, such as Returnly, Loop Returns, Happy Returns, or your POS systems for in-store returns.

Reduce cost of returns

Automatically sync RMAs between various business systems to initiate returns and refunds, eliminate hours of error-prone data entry between systems, such as your ERP, helpdesk, and WMS.

Get visibility

Keep tabs on returned inventory levels and their status, so returned items can be re-entered into systems automatically.


Social and search digital marketing automation

Boost your omnichannel marketing, increase product visibility, and accelerate the introduction of new products across all your digital advertising platforms.

Because everything is automated, we’re hands-off on a day to day basis. I’m usually in the system for less than an hour a week on average. We really don’t need to manage a thing because Celigo as a solution just works for us.

Martin Lund,


Director of IT,


Vertex Wireless


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