Finance and Accounting Automation Across Applications

Transform operations, integrate your tech stack, and enable your finance teams to focus on boosting revenue and profit, not tedious administrative tasks.

Accurate General Ledger Reporting
Misalignment between sales and finance teams causes at least 4% of manually entered data to be inaccurate.
Increase Revenue and Profit
Manual processes result in inefficiencies and mistakes that cost companies up to 30% of their annual profits.
Timely Financial Reporting
Spreadsheet use means decision-makers are working with information that is at least 12 to 24 hours old.
Ensure 100% Compliance
One data entry mistake can proliferate to dozens of spreadsheets, and lack of audit capabilities increases compliance risks.

40% of financial leaders do not trust data
because of manual processes

Manual processes lack version control, audit trails, consistency and scalability. They increase the risk of inaccurate or incomplete data proliferation across spreadsheets, making it difficult for business leaders to be confident in the decisions they make based on that data.

The proliferation of specialized finance SaaS apps to support quote to cash, A/R, A/P, cash management, accounting close, corporate performance management, and on and on, makes finance automation more complex than ever.

quote to cash process diagram

Why Celigo?

Accelerate cash visibility and financial close

  • Lower sales and finance costs by at least 5% by eliminating expensive manual data entry by sales and accounting teams.
  • Get paid faster by integrating A/R and A/P systems with your ERP, eliminating manual billing, collections and invoice process.
  • Eliminate the possibility of sending inaccurate contracts by ensuring sales and billing systems have accurate pricing and product data.
  • Automation vastly improves financial data quality and accuracy, reducing the time to close the books from weeks to days, on average.

Improve the speed and accuracy of financial reporting

  • Empower your finance and account teams to build, manage and monitor their integrations to deliver real-time KPI visibility and financial reporting.
  • Measure KPIs in relevant sales and finance systems with confidence that the data is accurate.
  • Enable business analysts to ingest financial data from all relevant systems into a data warehouse without waiting for IT.
  • Eliminate manual data dumps and management by spreadsheet that leads to static reports that are outdated before they are published.

Always feel confident in compliance

  • Ensures your operations stay compliant as you scale
  • Role-based access controls to ensure only authorized team members can build or update integrations
  • Enterprise-grade data security with MFA and SSO
  • Compliant with global Data Privacy laws such as GDPR
  • SOC II Type 2 compliant cloud platform

Featured Integrations

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Business Process Automation

Automation benefits your whole organization.

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Celigo named G2 Market Leader for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

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Matt Riddle

Director of Systems & Strategy

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“Celigo has definitely enabled us to grow our business while maintaining fixed resources. I was able to rapidly complete my integration projects for about one-sixth of what my parent company had slated as the capital budget. Celigo saved us a tremendous amount of money.”

Malcolm James

Senior Technology and Business Solutions Manager

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“Celigo helped us determine not only what to connect, how to connect, and when to connect it, but also what our business required. Our volume of transactions increased fivefold since pre-COVID. It would have been near impossible to manage that kind of volume before Celigo.”

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