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Welcome to Celigo University

The University’s mission is to provide all the tools, resources, and training needed to help users learn about Celigo’s products. Leverage our free online training and get certified through our university. Gain practical knowledge through our webinars and see how to succeed in the iPaaS world.

Why Celigo University?

Celigo University aims to provide tech savvy business users and IT developers free online training. Learn all you need to know to build, test, and manage integrations by accessing on-demand courses or challenging yourself with comprehensive Learning Paths and achieving certifications.

Your path to success

Step 1
Complete all the lessons in a certification learning path.

Step 2
Pass the certification exam.

Step 3
Share your certification online with others and advance to the next certification level.

Why get certified?

Celigo University’s Certification Programs have been thoughtfully developed and designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum to help you gain a building block of knowledge about our products.

Upon successful completion of each Course and Learning Path, you’ll be able to earn points and badges along the way. Want to be a global leader and feeling a tad bit competitive? Enough points can get you on the global leader board and be recognized for your great achievements!

Want more? Completing a carefully curated set of courses will allow you to unlock exams that will award you with Certifications of Completion you can proudly showcase on your social media accounts. Let’s show the world what you have achieved!




Learn the fundamentals of integrator.io through navigation and flow builder basics.
Celigo University



Build upon the fundamentals and get in-depth training on more advanced features like Error Management and Flow Builder to help you manage and build your integrations.
Celigo University



Take your skills to the next level by discovering how to work with and build out integrations using our Database, FTP, and HTTP connectors.
Celigo University



Challenge yourself to obtain Legendary status! Learn about the most advanced features and be able to solve complex business problems by leveraging JavaScript hooks, SuiteScript hooks, and much more!
Celigo University

Help and How-to Courses

Get a kick-start on your training — with 100+ courses, you can become an integration guru. Check out some of our popular courses!

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Level 1: Skilled

This comprehensive Learning Path reviews the basics of integrator.io, teaches how to navigate around the platform, and introduces how to map fields.

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Flow Builder

This course will take a deeper dive into the different parts of the Flow Builder.

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What is iPaaS?

iPaaS, or integration Platform as a Service, are platforms that standardize how applications are integrated into an organization, making it easier to automate business processes and share data across applications.

By leveraging iPaaS technologies, growing companies can eliminate manual processes, reduce dependency on spreadsheets and email, while increasing visibility, speed, and accuracy across their organization.

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