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Many ecommerce, retail and manufacturing companies rely on 3PLs for order fulfillment, warehousing and distribution. Lack of real-time visibility into inventory across warehouses often results in delayed procurement, stock-outs and lost revenue. Having no automation results with delays and errors in order fulfillment leading to unhappy customers.

Automate your 3PL requests with integration and
get real-time visibility into your inventory across warehouses

Integrate your 3PL with Celigo’s iPaaS

How does Integration help?

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Improve Customer

Speed up fulfillment and eliminate errors by automatically sending sales orders to your 3PLs. Provide customers with real-time updates through complete visibility into order status.

Improve Customer Experience

Avoid Lost

Ensure healthy stock levels through real-time visibility into inventory status across warehouses, track inventory adjustments and customer returns. Use accurate data for inventory forecasting, timely procurement and distribution.

Accelerate Revenue Recognition

Reduce Operational

Get rid of slow, resource heavy, erroneous manual processes for inventory tracking, order processing, transportation and receiving requests across different systems and warehouses.

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Ins and Outs of Integrating 3PL

To maximize operational efficiencies, online storefronts, ERPs, 3PLs, and other back-office systems must talk with each other. Learn about options and best practices for integrating your 3PL partners to your ecommerce systems.

Integrate your 3PL with Celigo’s iPaaS

3PL integration doesn’t need to be a challenge, integrate your 3PL with Celigo’s iPaaS

Capture all of your 3PL workflows by connecting applications and data sources.

Get a Quickstart with pre-built templates, out-of-box integration apps and EDI templates.

Customize and expand your integrations, without requiring technical resources.

Intuitive UI empowers business users to build and manage integrations, while advanced developer tools empower technical users to build complex integration scenarios from scratch.

Proven Robustness to scale with growing volume of data flows across systems as you add in more 3PL end points.

Easy monitoring and error management through dashboards any user can understand.

Integrate your Ecommerce Order-to-Cash with Celigo’s iPaaS

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