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Connect RetailOps to Anything2021-09-21T22:39:02+00:00

RetailOps is a cloud-based platform with a complete set of solutions for ecommerce, ranging from Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Product Management, Inventory Management, PO and Vendor Management, Order Management, reporting, and more. Integrating RetailOps with your ERP or CRM software compounds the productivity benefits by keeping your billing, invoice, and contact data synched – no need to enter data twice.

Common Integrations with Retail Ops include:

ERP, Finance – Automatically sync order, fulfillment, inventory, customer, and other key data (e.g., NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage)
Payment – Update payment transactions and statuses automatically with RetailOps (e.g., LightSpeed, PayPal, Stripe)
Logistics – Keep fulfillment, shipping, and inventory levels in sync (e.g., Amazon FBA, Expeditors, Shipwire)

RetailOps is supported with a native connector on Celigo

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