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Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration2021-07-28T21:46:53+00:00

Microsoft Outlook Calendar hosts event records for appointments, meetings, and more. Celigo offers both fully customizable and pre-built integrations for Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Integrating Microsoft Outlook Calendar allows you to easily attach your events to ERP records and associate them with customer records.

Celigo offers an intuitive iPaaS for creating, editing, and viewing ERP records directly in Outlook. Gain instant organizational visibility into your important communications by attaching emails to your ERP records from Outlook. Eliminate the need to copy and paste everything by implementing Outlook integrations.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Outlook Calendar integrations? Click here.

Common Integrations with Microsoft Outlook Calendar

  • Sync contacts from marketing automation platforms to leads in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Get all lead activities from your marketing automation platform
  • Automatically get all leads from Microsoft Dynamics 365 that were modified since the last flow run time

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is supported with a native connector on Celigo

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