Banking Integrations


Celigo’s banking integrations help automate accounting processes by integrating banking transactions with financial applications

Popular Banking Integrations

ERP, Finance: Automate processing of check payments and matching against outstanding invoices (e.g., NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage

Expense: Automate expense reimbursements via checks, wire transfers, or ACH (e.g., Certify, Expensify, TSheets)

Integration Apps

Integration Apps are prebuilt, comprehensive integrations between popular cloud applications. Built on Celigo’s platform, Integration Apps are fully managed and can be quickly installed and configured without IT resources.
(Integration Apps vs Integration Templates)

Cash Application Manager

Automate cash application of customer payments via checks, ACH, or wire transfers by applying bank payments against invoices in NetSuite based on matching rules

Vendor Payment Manager

Streamline vendor payments by automating secure FTP transfers of NetSuite payment file (i.e., Electronic Payment files or CSV files) to banks

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