Up Your Automation Game with Celigo AI Tools

With AI-driven error handling, design support, and OpenAI integration, Celigo enables you to reimagine your business processes.

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The Evolution of AI at Celigo

As businesses embarked on their digital transformation journeys, so did our pursuit of embedding AI into the Celigo platform.

We started this in 2019. You could say we were doing AI before AI was cool…

To really show our customers the love, we took the most time-consuming, complex tasks and put our best bots on them so you can get back to doing what it is you do best.

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AI-Driven Error Management

Researching and resolving errors takes time away from other important work. With AI Error Management, we’ve changed the game on how errors are resolved.

We addressed the actual pain points users experience managing flows, particularly when dealing with API and data errors. We pioneered error management using AI to classify errors and auto-resolve as many as possible.

  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenAutomatically resolving 95% of over 500 million errors each month.
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenCeligo customers collectively save 52,000+ hours a week typically spent managing errors the old-fashioned way — manually!
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenIndustry analysts recognize Celigo as pioneers in AI Error Management.

Get time back in your day with AI Error Management. 

When you need a helping hand, our family of Celigo AI Assistants have your back.

AI-Powered Design Assistance

Accelerate the Work of Integration with the Ultimate AI-Powered Design Assistance

Leveraging the latest AI advancements, we’re elevating our design-time capabilities by injecting AI guidance throughout the user experience.

  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenPropel user proficiency to new heights with embedded AI chat throughout.
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenBridge the knowledge gap for users learning the Celigo platform and the skills gap when performing more complex tasks.
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenJump-start your project by auto-suggesting existing integration templates or flows.
Celigo AI-Powered Design Assistance


Innovate Your Business Processes with

Celigo and OpenAI 

We know that you want to act fast to build the power of AI into your business processes, using generative AI to build competitive advantage.

Innovation takes flight as Celigo integrates OpenAI’s transformative capabilities through the OpenAI Connector.

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OpenAI Connectivity

With Celigo and our OpenAI Connector, you can gather data from diverse sources, push to OpenAI to efficiently handle large volumes, and maintain a steady flow of new data to support continuous insight and learning.

Learn more about OpenAI integrations →

Don’t wait. Create with Celigo and OpenAI. 

Our Unwavering Commitment to AI and ML Greatness

Our visionary approach to building AI deep within the platform showcases our commitment to innovation and continues to shape our reputation as a trailblazing integration platform.

Setting you free to reimagine your business, integrate your applications, and automate your business processes.

Giving you an integration and automation platform that provides the lowest possible cost of ownership and maximum value to your business.

Accelerating the time to value of your integrations and automations so you (like us) can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Celigo Platform

Automate all your processes across the enterprise with the right iPaaS


Built for the Enterprise

The platform has the power, tools, and governance needed to handle the most complex use cases.


Accessible to Everyone

Approachable user experience for business users so they feel confident creating and managing automations to fit their changing business processes.


Scalability to Support Breakaway Growth

Infinite scalability to connect any application with no limits on integrations or data volume.


Managed, Prebuilt Solutions

The Celigo Platform provides a comprehensive library of solutions with built-in best practices, AI, and machine learning.

Trusted by market-leading companies

We support you no matter where you are on your journey. Learn why thousands of market-leading companies choose Celigo.


Loved by customers. Recommended by the experts.

Celigo named G2 Best Software

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HoW THE CDC Managed 5x increase in transactions

Celigo helped us determine not only what to connect, how to connect, and when to connect it, but also what our business required. Our volume of transactions increased fivefold since pre-COVID. It would have been near impossible to manage that kind of volume before Celigo.

Malcolm JamesDirector Of Information Technology

With Celigo, our staff accountants can do more interesting work. They stay engaged, which makes them want to stay employed at this company. Spending six hours a day manually keying in information does not make you want to get up and go to work.

Amanda RompolaSr. Accounting Manager
Frontline Education

Celigo has definitely enabled us to grow our eCommerce business while maintaining fixed resources. I was able to rapidly complete my integration projects for about one-sixth of what my parent company had slated as the capital budget. Celigo saved us a tremendous amount of money.

Matt Riddle
Director of Systems & Strategy
Intelligentsia Coffee Inc.