ABBYY Integrations

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making by streamlining data capture and processing across business systems.

Transform Data Processing Workflows

Transform and accelerate your document handling workflows, ensuring rapid, error-free data extraction and seamless integration with your core business systems.

ABBYY Integrations – Featured Use Cases

Automated Invoice Processing

Integrate ABBYY with accounting software to extract and process invoice data automatically, reducing manual entry and accelerating the accounts payable process.

CRM Integration

Integrate ABBYY with CRM platforms to extract and update customer information automatically. This enriches CRM databases with accurate contact details, improving lead generation and personalized marketing efforts.

Automated Financial Document Handling

Streamline financial workflows by integrating transaction document management APIs with ERP systems, ensuring efficient document processing and compliance.

Efficient Document Management

Leverage ABBYY to classify and extract data from various documents, integrating this data into document management systems for better organization, searchability, and accessibility.

Data Analytics

Automate data processing and gain actionable insights by integrating ABBYY with analytics platforms, enhancing informed decision-making and business strategy.

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The Celigo Platform also supports custom integrations that can connect any application to ABBYY.

Celigo Platform

Automate all your processes across the enterprise with the right iPaaS

Celigo is the leading automation-first iPaas that lets you accelerate digital transformation across the entire organization with scale, reliability, and governance.

Built for the Enterprise

The platform has the power, tools, and governance needed to handle the most complex use cases.


Accessible to Everyone

Approachable user experience for business users so they feel confident creating and managing automations to fit their changing business processes.


Scalability to Support Breakaway Growth

Infinite scalability to connect any application with no limits on integrations or data volume.


Managed, Prebuilt Solutions

The Celigo Platform provides a comprehensive library of solutions with built-in best practices, AI, and machine learning.

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