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Case Studies

Floral decorating company created integrations to automatically sync orders, products, and inventory between Shopify, 3PL, and its own warehouses using Celigo


Mobile technology company automates lead-to-cash for B2B sales across multiple regions (i.e., U.S., Singapore, Germany) with Celigo Salesforce-NetSuite SmartConnector


Online retailer scales operations by automatically updating and synchronizing order, fulfillment, inventory, and product data for over 11K SKUs using Celigo


Technology-enabled audio and video marketing company automates cash application of check payments with 90% match rate using Celigo Cash Application Manager


Outdoor apparel company scales for growth by automating order, fulfillment, and inventory updates across offline and online channels with Celigo Magento-NetSuite SmartConnector

Trophy Skin

Skincare device company saves 600+ hours by automating online order and fulfillment processes with its 3PL partner using Celigo Shopify-NetSuite SmartConnector

Product Videos


Productivity Apps

CloudExtend Google Apps

Excel SmartClient for NetSuite

Overview of SmartClient
Working with Templates
Retrieving and Updating Data
Journal Entries with SmartClient
Working with Sales Orders in SmartClient
Working with Leads
Convert Trial to Paid Subscription
Creating Vendor Bills
Mass Delete records with Excel SmartClient

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