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Current iPaaS Solutions Do Not Serve the Market

Integration requirements have transformed as market needs continue to evolve. Organizations find that their current app integration solution no longer meets their needs.

Many legacy iPaaS platforms are highly technical, leaving companies with high implementation costs, a lack of qualified staff, and complexities that prevent change and growth.

Most iPaaS solutions are built exclusively for large IT teams and technical developers. However, everyone across the organization needs data visibility, connectivity, and automation.

The market demands a different approach.

Celigo’s Approach to Automation

Celigo serves the entire organization.

Celigo embraces a federated approach to integration. In this model, IT teams have full control of the integration projects, but business teams are also empowered to manage application integration, automate processes, and modify them.

By leveraging a federated IT model, IT can cut down on rogue, shadow-IT initiatives while serving their internal customers and redeploying resources to focus on more strategic projects. This gives enterprises greater agility and vastly increases the organization’s capacity for digital transformation.

Integration should be intuitive.

At Celigo, we understand the evolving market and believe integration should be accessible to everyone in the organization. That’s why we aim to design the best platform for the needs of the line-of-business user and technical teams.

We ask ourselves: Is our product intuitive? Can a user get started without weeks of training? Can they be guided from start to finish? Can we provide a starting point that will get this from point A to point B?

Celigo’s process-centric approach to automation not only enables experts to automate faster, but also provides a starting point for companies and teams to execute phased automation roadmaps. Organizations experience fast and frictionless implementations with an automation framework while building a foundation for accelerated automation across the enterprise.

Managed, prebuilt solutions enable end-to-end automation.

Celigo provides a comprehensive library of prebuilt integrations with built-in guidance and machine learning. These range from universal connectors to key protocols and applications, giving easy access to just about every system imaginable. In addition, prebuilt integrations that automate critical business processes accelerate innovation by including AI-enhanced error handling and business best practices in configurable settings, removing all the guesswork when designing and implementing business process automation.

The Celigo Promise

We are poised to drive automation in an ever-changing business world. We focus on where the market is going, so that we can help you well into your future. We are solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

We are not just a platform; we are an advisor. We’re here to solve integration challenges with you. When you work with our platform and interact with our employees, you’ll find that our holistic approach to integration makes running your business easier, more efficient, and more successful. We don’t only think about automation of tasks; we catalog business processes and use that information to make our products better and better.

“For too long, the promise of the modern iPaaS has gone unrealized. With the support of our investors, Celigo will enable breakaway growth, controlled cost management, and superior customer experiences for our customers by ensuring that every process — at every level of the organization — can be automated in the most optimal way from a single platform.”

Jan Arendtsz,

Founder and CEO, Celigo

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Ad-Hoc" phase of your integration maturity.

You are at the very beginning of your automation journey.

Automation is probably an afterthought for your organization or is done in decentralized silos. You might have a scattering of SaaS applications and integrate one here and there, but there isn’t a plan for company-wide automation.

The good news:

You have to start somewhere and we’re excited you’re here to begin your automation journey with us! Visit the related resources links to learn more about how to get your organization could benefit from automation.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Developing" phase of your integration maturity.

You may be integrating, but you aren’t taking advantage of automation.

While you may be integrating certain applications to remedy acute pain points, your current strategy is reactive in nature. And while you have started to think about automation at a department level, it doesn’t stretch across the whole organization.

The good news:

You’ve already seen some benefits of automation, so let’s take the next step! Visit the related resources on this page to learn how you can expand automation in your organization for even better results.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Centralized" phase of your integration maturity.

Your company is in a good position to attain organization-wide automation, but the burden is falling on your IT teams.

You are starting to centralize your automations and look at complex integrations needed to resolve issues across departments, but have not taken the step to broaden the automation scope.

The good news:

You’ve made some great strides in getting ready for organization-wide automation! Visit our related resources to learn more about continuing your journey.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Optimized" phase of your integration maturity.

Your organization is living in an optimized state, but still doesn’t have an automation-first mindset.

You’ve figured out how to use both IT and business resources to automate processes across the business and have likely figured out how to create reusable automation assets. The next step is to put automation at the center of your planning.

The good news:

You’re so close to being an automation machine! Visit our related resources to learn more about how you can uplevel your automation game.