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Deliver business value and achieve scalable integration-driven automation

Leading enterprises use Celigo to solve today’s challenges and plan for tomorrow’s potential


Automating business processes at scale is more complex than ever

Today’s IT and business leaders face new challenges and struggle to deliver business value.

SaaS sprawl causes data silos

IT teams today must wrangle the ever-growing portfolio of applications and business processes siloed and scattered across the organization. This leads to disconnected, poor-quality, and error-prone data that adversely impact the business.

Digital transformation is faster than ever

Business and technology teams struggle to stay ahead of their more agile competitors. Business priorities must evolve to keep up with the pace of change, and technology teams struggle to stay ahead.

IT carries the burden alone

Digital transformation initiatives are often the sole responsibility of IT, and the tools to support those initiatives are exclusive to IT. Business strategists aren’t empowered to solve technological initiatives.

Drive better business outcomes through automation

Efficient enterprises use automation to allow their people to focus on strategic initiatives, not repetitive tasks.

Enable the entire enterprise with automation

Automation needs to happen across the enterprise. The right tools enable ingenuity, experimentation, and innovation for line-of-business and IT.

Maintain control and governance

Give control to the business unit while allowing scalability, data governance, and the security required by IT.

Unlock the full value of your data

The right tool lets you use your data proactively and strategically. Get real-time access to the right data in the right place at the right time.


One platform to enable an agile organization

Celigo is the leading automation-first iPaas that lets you accelerate digital transformation across the entire organization with scale, reliability, and governance.


  • Integrate any business application and data to any other business application.
  • Automate and optimize business processes end-to-end using embedded business logic.
  • Enable both IT and business teams to achieve goals faster.
  • Accelerate digital transformation programs across the entire organization.

Managed, prebuilt solutions

The Celigo Platform provides a comprehensive library of solutions with built-in best practices, AI, and machine learning.


Built for the enterprise

The platform has the power, tools, and governance needed to handle the most complex use cases.


Accessible to everyone

Line-of-business users can manage integrations and automations using an intuitive interface with prebuilt business processes.


Ensuring Success

Companies transform with the Celigo automation methodology

Drawing insights from thousands of customers who are driving innovation across their enterprises, Celigo’s automation methodology ensures customer success. Our proven framework removes the risk of failing and provides the support you need wherever you are on your automation journey.

Celigo customers
realize a


return on investment

Celigo saves end users
more than
100 hrs
per year
Development times were reduced
up to
75 %
after switching to Celigo

in data


time reduced


“If we didn’t have this solution to bridge multiple applications, we would have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to move our data back and forth. And we would have had to pay $25K for somebody to automate a task.”


  • – Forrester TEI Study

Let us support you on this journey

Where are you in your automation journey? Take our Automation Maturity Assessment to find out.


Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Ad-Hoc" phase of your integration maturity.

You are at the very beginning of your automation journey.

Automation is probably an afterthought for your organization or is done in decentralized silos. You might have a scattering of SaaS applications and integrate one here and there, but there isn’t a plan for company-wide automation.

The good news:

You have to start somewhere and we’re excited you’re here to begin your automation journey with us! Visit the related resources links to learn more about how to get your organization could benefit from automation.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Developing" phase of your integration maturity.

You may be integrating, but you aren’t taking advantage of automation.

While you may be integrating certain applications to remedy acute pain points, your current strategy is reactive in nature. And while you have started to think about automation at a department level, it doesn’t stretch across the whole organization.

The good news:

You’ve already seen some benefits of automation, so let’s take the next step! Visit the related resources on this page to learn how you can expand automation in your organization for even better results.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Centralized" phase of your integration maturity.

Your company is in a good position to attain organization-wide automation, but the burden is falling on your IT teams.

You are starting to centralize your automations and look at complex integrations needed to resolve issues across departments, but have not taken the step to broaden the automation scope.

The good news:

You’ve made some great strides in getting ready for organization-wide automation! Visit our related resources to learn more about continuing your journey.

Compared to similar companies, you are in the "Optimized" phase of your integration maturity.

Your organization is living in an optimized state, but still doesn’t have an automation-first mindset.

You’ve figured out how to use both IT and business resources to automate processes across the business and have likely figured out how to create reusable automation assets. The next step is to put automation at the center of your planning.

The good news:

You’re so close to being an automation machine! Visit our related resources to learn more about how you can uplevel your automation game.