Streamline multichannel sales by integrating NetSuite
with leading storefronts, marketplaces, fulfillment, and supply chain applications.

Participate in marketplaces to grow sales while maintaining back-office efficiencies. Integrate NetSuite ERP to the entire ecommerce stack for timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability, and real-time order statuses – helping you build your reputation on the marketplace. Eliminate the need to manually move order, product, pricing, customer, and other information between NetSuite and marketplaces.


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Why Celigo is the Leader in NetSuite Integrations

Scalable and Robust

Celigo can process millions of orders at once. Your orders won’t be lost, they’ll be fulfilled on time, and your inventory will always be accurate and up to date across all your channels. It’s why thousands of NetSuite companies rely on us.

  • Scalable and Robust
  • Scalable and Robust
  • Scalable and Robust
Configurable and Customizable

Configurable and Customizable

We’ve seen every possible use case, and our integration apps have configuration settings with them built in mind. You can customize your integrations without needing any technical expertise.

Configurable and Customizable

Advanced Out-of-the-Box Features

Our integration apps come ready to go with advanced features like payout reconciliation for Shopfiy, settlement reconciliation, sales tax reports, line-level promotions, order variances, gift cards, and kit items.

Advanced Functionality out of the box
Easier to install, configure, update, and manage

Easier to install, configure, update, and manage

Celigo’s self-service tools make it easy to quickly configure your integrations when you get started and to make changes over time. The intuitive data mapping tool and real-time alerts make it easy to set up and monitor your integrations directly on your Celigo dashboard.

Easier to install, configure, update, and manage

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Our team of integration experts provides detailed guidance for all aspects of using our products and integrating NetSuite with
your other business apps.

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