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In an integrated customer success system, Gainsight CS can serve as the centralized, go-to hub for all things customer success. Achieving customer 360 with Gainsight CS integrations means resolving any data silos that force your team to fish critical info out of multiple applications, databases, or even colleagues in different departments. Working from a main hub like Gainsight CS gives a complete view of your customers in one place and greatly increases productivity, expanding how much personalized attention you can provide to customers.

Want to learn more about how integrating with Gainsight CS can streamline customer success and help reduce churn? Check out our Definitive Guide to Building a Complete View of the Customer.

Common Integrations with Gainsight CS

  • Sync contacts and customers from your other systems to Gainsight CS
  • Sync customer subscriptions from your financial system of record to Gainsight CS
  • Bring in NPS data from Gainsight PX to Gainsight CS
  • Import support tickets and resolution times from customer support software (such as Zendesk) to Gainsight CS
  • Import product usage data into Gainsight CS
  • Pull project management data into Gainsight

Featured pre-built integrations for Gainsight CS

What are Integration Apps and Quickstart Templates?

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Integration Templates are packages of integration flows for that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted. Unlike Integration Apps, integration templates are not supported nor maintained as standalone SaaS applications.

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