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Exact ERP helps small and medium sized companies manage their finance, ERP, human resources, and CRM processes. Popular Exact ERP integrations include Ecommerce, CRM and Human Resource applications. Celigo is a specialist in integrating Exact to streamline your business processes. 

Common Integrations with Exact ERP:

CRM Generate invoices when deals are closed and make customer financials available in CRM (e.g., Freshdesk, Salesforce, Zoho)

Ecommerce Sync orders, fulfillment, inventory, product, customer, and other key data to and from Exact ERP (e.g., Amazon, Magento, Shopify)

Human Resources Sync job candidate and employee information (e.g., ADP, Jobvite, Namely)

Exact ERP is supported with a native connector on Celigo

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