Automate and Thrive amid Economic Uncertainty

We extend this special invitation to learn how today’s technology leaders successfully navigate economic challenges. In the midst of adverse circumstances, smart tech leaders are reducing operational costs and growing their businesses.

Speakers will include a Celigo customer, Jeremy Vandenberg, IT Director, of MOTIS Brands. He will discuss how MOTIS grew from one brand into fifteen, and how they standardized operations, improved efficiency, and achieved scale.

In addition, our speakers will include two Product Marketing experts from Celigo; Dave Wallen and Nick Piette. Both are industry leaders in the field of integration platforms and have experience in market research, customer insights as well as engineering.

Webinar discussion topics will include:

  • How leaders support growth initiatives while minimizing new investments
  • Why optimizing existing technology is vital during economic uncertainty
  • How successful companies are leaning in on automation and integration