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Why Automation is Critical for the Next Generation of Accountants

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Accountants are leaving the industry en mass and choosing different career paths. But why? Whether it’s due to demanding workloads or siloed job functions, automation is critical to correcting these trends. Automating financial processes results in less manual labor, increased productivity, and a better quality of work life for finance and accounting professionals.

Celigo is very excited to co-host this webinar with Jotham Ty, proud accountant and the CEO of Gappify, a cloud-based provider of accrual automation solutions for mid-market and enterprise accounting teams. Jotham discusses his experience and provides insights into the following:

  • Why there’s an exodus of accountants leaving the industry
  • Why it is critical that the next generation of accountants gain exposure to modern technology
  • How automation allows for more sustainable quality of work life for employees
  • Where to find cross-functional collaboration opportunities between finance, accounting, and IT departments
  • Why scaling becomes easier with technology
  • How to get started on your own automation project

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    About The Speakers

    Michael Douglas

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager 


    Jotham Ty



    Michael Douglas

    Michael has spent the past 15 years of his career working in product marketing focused on Enterprise Software.

    Within his career he has covered mainly application development frameworks, from mobile applications development tools, low code code platforms, AI applications and more.

    As Senior Product Marketing Manager he is responsible for developing Celigos Line of Business strategy for Finance, IT, HR and other lines of business.

    Jotham Ty

    Jotham Ty, CPA is the CEO of Gappify, a leading provider of accrual accounting automation.

    Prior to Gappify, Jotham established one of the first Sarbanes-Oxley compliance practices in the San Francisco/Bay Area.

    His firm expanded to support large, multi-national organizations with IPO readiness; scaling domestic & international accounting operations, and upgrading and modernizing automation environments.

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