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Why Now?

The world has changed, the impact of COVID-19 grows on businesses around the world. Companies have to adapt to new norms and learn how to optimize their resources, work more efficiently and speed up their cash flow, all for a longer runway in times of uncertainty. Businesses need to take action to come out of this turmoil strong.

How does connecting finance applications with your ERP help optimize cash flow?

Lower Operating Costs

  • Enhance productivity by eliminating redundant manual work for data transfer between finance applications
  • Reprioritize spending through complete visibility into expense apps
  • Automate reconciliation with streamlined business processes across systems

Reduce DSO

  • Automatically send invoices when an opportunity closes in your CRM
  • Receive payments faster by providing clients with frictionless payment options
  • Real time visibility into billing status from CRM for follow-up on outstanding invoices
optimize cash flow integrating finance applications with your ERP

Software Companies Integrate with Celigo

Automate SaaS Billing and Accounting

Automate SaaS Billing and Accounting

Seamlessly integrate billing apps, such as Stripe, Zuora, Recurly, Chargebee with your ERP through Celigo’s iPaaS and automate A/R processes.

Accelerate Order-to-Cash


Out of the box solutions, such as Celigo’s pre-built Salesforce - NetSuite integration app provide companies a quick start into streamlining their business processes for shorter billing cycles.

Streamline A/P, A/R and Reconciliation Processes

Streamline A/P, A/R and Reconciliation Processes

Unify data across finance apps and your ERP with Celigo’s iPaaS to automate key processes such as Reconciliation, A/P, A/R and scale easily.

Complete Integration Solution for Finance & Accounting

Why Celigo?

SaaS companies have multiple apps that source A/P and A/R data. Accounting teams are often manually updating data across systems, resulting in slow, inefficient and error prone processes.

Celigo’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a complete integration solution that captures and automates all cash management processes across an organization and standardizes how applications are integrated.

At Celigo, over the years, we have helped thousands of customers in their growth journey to streamline their business processes through integration, enabling them to work with less resources, and optimize their cash flow.

Time Spent on Invoice Processing

3 times faster invoicing with integration

E-source increased their invoicing speed 3x, reducing DSO, with Celigo's Salesforce - NetSuite Integration App. Read case study

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Strategies for Improving Cash Visibility and Cash Flow in Uncertain Times

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