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Channel Provider Rules of Engagement

These Rules of Engagement are a framework to minimize channel conflict and set expectations for the rules that will govern the engagement for Channel Partners. The rules and scenarios outlined below do not take into consideration every scenario that may arise. Situations not defined below will be handled on a case by case basis with the Channel Partner.

Deal Registrations

Deal Registration Overview

Deal Registrations are submitted by Channel Partners and represent an opportunity with a prospect where the Channel Partner will manage the sales cycle and perform the implementation services of the Celigo product.

A Deal Registration is defined as a decision maker or influencer within a broader organization who is interested in Celigo products that will be making a decision to purchase in the next 12 months.

  1. The deal registration cannot be for a Celigo product already purchased and in use by a current Celigo customer.
  2. If the deal registration is an existing Celigo prospect that is already moving through the sales cycle with a Celigo Account Executive that has meaningful activity logged in the last 90 days, the deal registration will be rejected.

Submission & Review Process for Deal Registrations

  1. All Deal Registrations must be submitted as early in the deal cycle as possible via the Deal Registration Form within Allbound.
  2. Deal Registrations not submitted will not be eligible for commission. All deal registrations will be subject to approval by Celigo.
  3. Once the deal registration is submitted it will be routed to Celigo Channel Sales for review.
    1. If accepted, the Deal Registration will be routed to the appropriate sales resource at Celigo. This resource will act as a Sales Subject Matter Expert for that opportunity should the Partner need assistance during the sales cycle.
      1. The partner associated to that Deal Registration for 12 months from the day the Celigo accepts the registration. Celigo will make its best efforts to respond to all submitted Deal Registrations within 2 business days of receipt.
  4. If a Deal Registration is rejected, Celigo will provide explanation as to the rationale behind the decision.

Maintaining Eligibility for Commission

  1. To be eligible for commission, a Partner may not suggest any of Celigo’s competitors as an alternative unless the customer explicitly asks for multiple options.  In the same fashion, Celigo will not introduce another Partner into an account in which we were brought in by a Partner.
  2. Updates on submitted Deal Registrations will be requested as needed, as Celigo needs to determine whether the Deal Registration submitted is still valid. Failure to provide descriptive updates as to status may result in the Deal Registration being disassociated from the Partner.

Commission Payments & Required Partner Details

Celigo will make its best efforts to pay commission on Deal Registrations within 30 days of receiving payment from the customer on the subscription portion of the transaction.  The following information is needed from each Partner to ensure we can make this payment in a timely manner:

  1. For domestic Partners in the United States we need confirmation of the address the physical check should be mailed to along with a current W9.
  2. For international Partners outside of the United States we need wire information of your banking details.

Examples of Channel Conflict

  1. If Partner A submits a Deal Registration that has already been accepted by Celigo and is owned by Partner B, the Deal Registration will be rejected.
  2. If Partner A submits a Deal Registration before Celigo can accept or reject the Deal Registration and Partner B submits the exact same Deal Registration, Partner A will own the Deal Registration and Partner B’s Deal Registration will be rejected.