Synchronize customers, items and orders accurately with Magento Connector for NetSuite

By Celigo
May 26, 2011

The upcoming Magento Connector 1.5.0 release brings exciting new functionality to Celigo’s integration between NetSuite and Magento. Powered by Magento’s V2 SOAP API, these new flows allow you to synchronize data between NetSuite and Magento like never before.

1) Updated Magento Item Export

The Magento item export is now a real-time sync that is triggered every time you save the record.

Supported item types:

  • Inventory Item
  • Serialized Inventory Item
  • Lot Numbered Inventory Item
  • NonInventoryItem for Sale
  • NonInventoryItem for Resale
  • OtherCharge for Sale
  • OtherCharge for Resale
  • Service for Sale
  • Service for Resale

New features:

  • Product creation in Magento–the item export now has the ability to create SKUs in Magento as well as update them.
  • Product Category sync–you can assign NetSuite items to their corresponding Magento product category from NetSuite
  • Attribute field export–the connector now has the ability to import your list of attribute and attribute sets into NetSuite, display them as special fields on your item record, and export these values to Magento.
  • Managed update fields–Magento product fields will be managed by their NetSuite counterparts–clearing a field in NetSuite will clear the field in Magento
  • Image export–item images from the NetSuite file cabinet are sync’d with the Magento product image gallery, and clearing an image link in NetSuite will remove the image in Magento
  • Reverse sync–the item export can be run in reverse and import Magento data into NetSuite. Great for longtime Magento customers who are new to NetSuite

Upcoming enhancements:

  • Export Matrix items (parent and child) from NetSuite to Magento
  • Reverse sync imports Magento item images into NetSuite File Cabinet
  • Multi-currency support in Reverse Sync tier price import

2) New Customer Export

The connector can now export NetSuite customers as new Magento customers.


  • Sync NetSuite customer fields and addresses with Magento in real-time.
  • Set the customer group this customer will belong to in Magento from NetSuite, as well as the password the customer will use when they log in to Magento.

Enhancements slated for future release:

  • Update customers exported to Magento with data from NetSuite
  • Export customers of type “Company” from NetSuite to Magento

3) New Order Export

The connector can now export NetSuite sales orders as new Magento orders in real-time once an order is saved in NetSuite.


  • Export order SKUs, amounts, and shipping method from NetSuite to Magento
  • Orders exported to Magento will be attached to the customer’s Magento record as if the order had come from Magento itself
  • Orders exported to Magento are fully compatible with the NetSuite-Magento Shipping Sync

Upcoming enhancements:

  • Update orders exported to Magento with data from NetSuite
  • Override Magento’s shipping cost and tax amount rules with the actual values calculated in NetSuite

The Magento Connector 1.5.0 release is in limited beta right now, and we are looking for customers interested in being beta partners, both new and existing Celigo customers. If you are interested in participating in the beta please contact [email protected] for more information. The Magento Connector 1.5.0 release will be available for the general public a few weeks after the beta period ends; keep checking the Celigo Blog for updates on the beta.

We’d love to hear from you–please leave a comment if you have any questions about the new functionality or you want to request a new feature.

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