Published Jul 1, 2024

Elevate your integration game with “Integration bytes” weekly webinars

3 key takeaways
  • Watch the first four sessions of “Integration bytes: Weekly iPaaS series” on-demand.
  • Learn how to use iPaaS to connect apps like Salesforce, Amazon, NetSuite, and Shopify.
  • See demonstrations from automation experts and learn integration best practices.

Effectively managing a modern tech stack is a complex task. With data scattered across an average of 130 applications, IT teams quickly become buried in tedious manual work.

Amid shrinking IT budgets and expanding digital transformation efforts, you can’t afford to waste your time on manual tasks. By integrating your tech stack and automating business processes, you can shift your focus to ROI-driven initiatives that move your business forward.  

However, embarking on your integration journey can be overwhelming, given the array of integration solutions available, each with unique budget requirements and scope. Let’s simplify the process. 

Explore the fundamental aspects of integration with the “Integration bytes: Weekly iPaaS series,” designed to help you simplify, integrate, and automate your workflows. Catch up on the first four 30-minute sessions and join our next session to ask your burning questions live. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

Transform your integrations with Celigo’s iPaaS 

Learn how to build an effective integration strategy with operational efficiency and customer experience at the forefront of your plan. Then, once you have a strategy in place, streamline the integration process with an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). Designed with ease-of-use and customization in mind, Celigo’s iPaaS maximizes developer productivity and empowers business users to build, manage, and monitor their own integrations. 

In this session, Nate Briant, senior solutions consultant at Celigo, gives a demonstration of key features including:

  • Simplified flow groups that enhance management and oversight 
  • Workflow activities that can be scheduled based on the user interface and triggered in real-time using webhooks
  • Prebuilt connectors for popular SaaS apps that speed up the flow building process 
  • AI chat-based support that enables quick, error-free expression and query writing 

See how Celigo leverages AI to simplify the flow building process. 

Improve efficiency by integrating Salesforce and your ERP 

Inefficient finance operations often stem from siloed sales and finance teams. This makes invoicing, contract execution, and financial reporting complicated. Align your teams and streamline your processes by integrating Salesforce with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With automated sales and finance processes, you can accelerate speed to close and improve financial accuracy. 

Learn from solutions consultant Josh Azorsky how to leverage Celigo’s iPaaS to automate your finance processes. Azorsky dives into: 

  • Salesforce integrations that can be used to quickly automate your sales and finance processes
  • One-to-one mapping, hard coding values, multi-field mappings, lookups, and AI-powered error management 
  • Example flows between Salesforce, NetSuite, and other mission critical applications


Explore an example of NetSuite with Salesforce integration.

Sell more with Amazon and NetSuite integration

Amazon is the titan of digital marketplaces, but you can’t fully reap its benefits if your operations are slow, expensive, and lack scalability. By integrating your Amazon Marketplace with other key applications like NetSuite, you can increase your order processing and fulfillment speed, manage items and inventory, and get real-time financial visibility. Celigo’s prebuilt Amazon integrations offer quick setup for common use cases like product synchronization, order processing, and settlement. 

Watch senior solutions consultant James Roth demonstrate of how to:

  • Handle FBA orders, merchant-fulfilled orders, and automatically create invoices from fulfilled sales orders
  • Create integration tiles and access prebuilt integrations
  • Navigate through the marketplace to view different flow groups and customize tool settings 


Take a look at how Celigo integrates Amazon and NetSuite. 

Drive operational excellence with Shopify and NetSuite integration

Improved operations and customer experiences start with optimizing Shopify. To do this, you will need to integrate Shopify and NetSuite. This allows you to streamline order management, enhance fulfillment efficiency, and promote effective data management. 

Explore the possibilities of Shopify and NetSuite integration with senior solutions consultant at Celigo Jeremy Erwin. Erwin will demonstrate how syncing data between these systems allows you to:

  • Automatically update product information and images into Shopify
  • Track abandoned checkouts from Shopify into a custom record in NetSuite
  • Sync item information from NetSuite into Shopify


Learn how you can sync item information between NetSuite and Shopify. 

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