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Summer & Fall Enhancements to integrator.io Further Simplify Integrations

by Celigo
December 13, 2016

Throughout the second half of 2016, Celigo has been hard at work enhancing the Celigo integrator.io platform. Every few weeks, our engineering team has released new platform capabilities and enhancements. Most have focused on user productivity: improvements to help you build, monitor, and troubleshoot integrations with less time and effort. Such rapid innovation is part of Celigo’s on-going commitment to providing users with a smarter iPaaS integration platform. Platform security and reliability have also been top priorities, and we’re proud to have received SOC 2 compliance certification as well.

Some of the more notable improvements to integrator.io include:

  • Real-time data exports from Salesforce (the Salesforce API alone does not support real-time data exports from Salesforce to other apps)
  • Enhanced security with PGP encryption/decryption for FTP data imports and exports
  • Integration Templates. Templates are non-managed, pre-built integrations that can be easily installed into any integrator.io account. Templates can also be saved as zip files for easy sharing with other users
  • Token-based authentication for NetSuite
  • Direct links to source and target data on job error reports; makes troubleshooting faster
  • Handy bulk actions for job retries, error resolution, and more
  • New REST API Adapter assistant
  • Step-by-step wizard and help enhancements now include best practice tips and more detailed explanations
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) between integrator.io and Celigo’s customer support center, Customer Compass. No need for separate help log-ins!

User feedback on integrator.io and the enhancements we’ve been releasing continues to be very positive:

Wow! integrator.io is pretty cool. I spent a bit of time exploring it today (creating data flows, etc.). The autonomy is really great.

Yay, it works and I’m in love! Not only is having the actual form in front of you to do the mapping wonderful, but previewing with the data from your test sheet actually in each field to review is Aaaamazing.

It’s very easy to use and understand…The more I use it, the more I see possibilities.

We’ve got many more exciting new features in the works for 2017, and we can’t wait to release them to you! Meanwhile, if you have feedback for us (good or bad), let us know! And if you’re not already using integrator.io to do some integrations, we encourage you to sign up for a Celigo integrator.io account today.

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