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SuiteWorld 2016: Key takeaways from Celigo’s perspective

by Tim Brocato
June 6, 2016

It was day 2 of SuiteWorld 2016.

Several of us Celigians were wearing t-shirts that read “io, integrate anything.” As a group of us left the dining hall after eating lunch in the afternoon of SuiteWorld 2016,  a passerby stopped Amit, our Product VP, and asked, “Can you really integrate anything?”  His answer was simple; “Yes, we can.  Our integrator.io is a powerful iPaaS that allows business and technical users to simply and efficiently build integrations in a matter of minutes.”

We came to the SuiteWorld 2016 conference with the goal of showcasing integrator.io and its key features.  Inevitably, nearly every conversation we had during SuiteWorld ended with a demo of integrator.io as well as a barrage of questions about key functionality and the business needs it could solve.  The excitement surrounding our game-changing iPaaS exceeded our expectations, given the interest from the broader NetSuite ecosystem.

To further communicate the value of IO, the focus of our breakout session addressed connecting NetSuite and cloud-based apps using our integrator.io platform.  Amit Saxena, VP of Product Management, focused on the simplicity of our product and emphasized the power of this integration platform for businesses of all sizes. Amit also highlighted our tiered pricing model that encourages companies to connect as many endpoints together as they need to effectively run their business. Suite World 2016 was off to a great start.

We received great feedback from the partners, customers and prospects who attended our breakout session in that it highlights our ability to integrate anything to anything while being ecosystem agnostic.  Even after the 45 minute breakout session came to an end, there was a flow of people back to our booth to continue the conversation about the capabilities of IO and how it could help simplify data integration.

We love our customers.  And we love to hear how we have helped our customers make their business more efficient.

One of the most rewarding takeaways from Suiteworld 2016 was the vast amount of customer success stories we heard.  Because so many of our customers attended SuiteWorld 2016, we took this opportunity to videotape customer testimonials during the conference.  We are thrilled about the number of ad hoc testimonials that occurred on the spot and the scheduled testimonials we had lined up beforehand.  This says a lot about our customer base and how well our products support their business needs.  Stay tuned for these customer success stories to be published on our website.

Another highlight for the Celigo team was having our global team members from our Product Management team in attendance to interact with and to receive direct feedback from customers, prospects and partners in order to understand their needs and share our product roadmap and answer specific technical questions posed to them.  The invaluable feedback we received from our customers will be reviewed as we continue to enhance and work on our product roadmaps for future releases.

Our platinum booth offered us a chance to not only engage prospects interested in our wide array of Integration Apps, Productivity Applications and our integration platform, but also lended itself to educating our existing customers on the other products in the Celigo portfolio that could help transform the way they do business.

The buzz at our booth surpassed our expectations.  We had up to 25 Celigians manning the booth at peak times, and there were several occasions when there were still visitors lining up to talk to us.  The overwhelming energy at the booth wasn’t something we expected, and it left us all with a sense of how passionate Celigians, our valued Customers and Partners, and interested prospects are about what we do.

Speaking of our partners, there were a number of them that received honors at the conference and we would like to recognize them for their excellence in the NetSuite ecosystem.

  •   Worldwide Solution Provider of the Year – RSM US LLP
  •   APJ Solution Provider of the Year – Fronde
  •   EMEA Solution Provider of the Year – First Hosted (FHL)
  •   SuiteCommerce Partner of the Year – Explore Consulting

We are proud of what we accomplished this year at SuiteWorld 2016, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for next year’s event.  Stay in touch by reading our blog, where you’ll learn about the latest developments from Celigo and how we can transform data integration at your company!

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