Salesforce Connector for NetSuite released with advanced integration features

by Celigo
May 19, 2015

In March 2015, we released our new Salesforce Connector v2.0, a completely revamped product built from the ground up for Salesforce and NetSuite integration. Now we are very happy to announce an update to this version. The 2.1 version brings many more features, capabilities and bug fixes in the product. The highlights of this version are:

Advanced support for NetSuite Contract renewal module

With the enhanced functionality, we support the entire loop from the creation of the Contract to upsell to renewal including:

    • NetSuite Contract to Salesforce Contract sync
    • NetSuite Contract line items to Salesforce Contract line items sync
    • Support for different Contract transactions
      • New
      • Upsell
      • Renewal
    • Support for Direct Sales and Channel Sales

Other enhancements

  • On demand sync of financial information from NetSuite
  • Support for Discount items in Salesforce Opportunity
  • Support for updating Salesforce Quote items from NetSuite
  • More control on NetSuite Customer to Salesforce Account flow
  • Sync only specific test records from Salesforce to NetSuite
  • Sync attachments and notes from Salesforce Quote to NetSuite

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