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Introducing CloudExtend Google Apps for NetSuite

by Tim Brocato
December 20, 2011

CloudExtend Google Apps builds on the success of Celigo’s Gmail and Google Calendar Syncs for NetSuite, and integrates in to other Google Apps services such as Docs and Contacts. We’ve updated the Gmail Sync product to include many of the most requested features and redesigned Google Calendar Sync to be a true cloud-to-cloud integration. The products have been renamed to CloudExtend Gmail and CloudExtend Google Calendar to reflect that they are now part of our comprehensive Google Apps integration suite.

What’s new?

By far the most requested feature for Gmail had been the ability to save full emails along with their attachments in to NetSuite. This was not a possibility with the standard tools available to Gmail Gadget developers. In CloudExtend Gmail, we pushed the boundaries of the tools available and devised a secure workaround to bring you this feature. You can now attach an email in your inbox to records in NetSuite, preserving its rich formatting, attachments. Data still flows only from Google Apps to NetSuite and never through Celigo’s any any other third-party server.

The new suite of apps also integrates Google Docs and Contacts with NetSuite, making seamless sharing and collaborating across the organization and beyond, possible right from the NetSuite UI. CloudExtend Google Contacts enables you to leverage the full potential of the Domain Shared Contacts List available in Google Apps for Business. Public contacts in NetSuite syncs in real-time to this company wide address book, making sure that your Google Apps users will have access to up to date information on the company’s business contacts.

Just as business communication lives largely in email today, increasingly, much of the business documentation is migrating to the cloud. Up to now, NetSuite customers have had to rely on the File Cabinet to store and share such documents. The File Cabinet made it easy to attach a file to a NetSuite record giving users valuable contextual information such as seeing what term sheet was issued to a partner, what TOS was supplied by a vendor, etc. CloudExtend GDocs takes you one step further by replacing the rigid File Cabinet with Google Docs. Now you have rich editing, collaboration and file management features at your disposal without having to consume NetSuite storage to achieve the same visibility of information. Additionally, users now can update these documents across multiple device and software platforms including from a mobile device on the go.

What’s Cloud-to-Cloud? Why does it matter?

The Celigo team built CloudExtend to run entirely on Google Apps and NetSuite. No data is passed through any other server and your login credentials to either system are never stored elsewhere. This approach ensures that a security breach outside of these core systems doesn’t put your data at risk. In addition to enhanced security, a cloud-to-cloud integration makes sure there are minimum points of failure in your business infrastructure. You are now no longer dependent on a third service provider to keep your systems running once deployed.

Like to get started?

If you are ready get started with CloudExtend Google Apps, please get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] for instructions on getting started or to arrange for a demo.

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