Introducing Cloning in Celigo’s Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App

by Celigo
September 15, 2020

Celigo’s Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App has helped our customers automate their lead-to-cash business processes and scale faster. With our continued commitment to provide the best integration between Salesforce and NetSuite, we’re excited to announce that we’re introducing the ability to clone your integrations.

Using the new Clone Integration feature, you can now create a copy of the Salesforce – NetSuite Integration Application with all of your configurations and data mappings intact. This allows you to clone your existing tile from Sandbox to Production and vice versa, as well as create a copy of the app in the same environment. Not only does this make setting up a new integration tile simpler and faster, but it also prevents errors that come from manually copying configurations.

About Cloning

A sandbox environment is an isolated place to test and play with your integration application before you choose to go live. The sandbox also allows you to test new features and experiment with configurations without an impact on the production setup. After testing on sandbox, there was an undue manual effort required to copy the tested setup to the production environment. As the Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App is highly customizable, copying the settings from one environment to another is time-consuming and expensive.

At Celigo, we reused our approach to clone templates and DIY integrations to extend it to our managed integration applications, thus creating a universal clone engine. With this engine, we want to reduce the migrations of integration applications between environments to a few clicks. Cloning will retain your complex data mappings and will also allow your business users to run, manage and test the integration in the environment of their choice.

The cloned application does not need a new license for installation and setup. A license is required only at the time of enabling and running the flows. This way, you can proceed with your setup without any intervention or wait-times.

How to Clone Your App

Step 1:

Open your source integration tile and click on Clone Integration

Step 2:

Give a tag name to your destination tile, choose environment and click on Clone Integration

Step 3:

Install the cloned application. You may choose to select a different NetSuite or Salesforce instance at the time of cloned application installation.

To learn more about cloning your Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App click here.

If you are new to Celigo and would like to learn more about our Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App, visit this page.

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