Celigo Integrator develops innovative field mapping capabilities to make integrations simple

By Celigo
February 24, 2015

Check out what’s new with for the Celigo Integrator:

Field Mappings are now sortable in the Mapping UI.  Before this enhancement it was somewhat tedious to find and update specific field mappings when lots of mappings were on the page.  Now, the UI supports sorting by NetSuite Field, or External Field to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  Enjoy!

Enhanced UX for linking sub-mappings with primary mapping.  For quite some time the Integrator has supported the ability to map multiple record types (from the context of one flow and one data source).  The most common use case is importing Sales Orders, such as if a Customer cannot be found using the data on the Sales Order to create a Customer on the fly, and then link that newly created Customer to the Sales Order.  Unfortunately, the UX for setting this up was pretty poor, so in this release we took the time to design a more intuitive set of fields and validation rules to make this task much easier to both understand and setup.

Two new import options!  This was a highly requested feature. 🙂  The Integrator now supports the ability to Add records but ignore records that are already there, and the Integrator now supports the ability to Update records but ignore records that cannot be found.  To use this functionality simply go to your Flow Settings page, and the new fields will be displayed right below “Add”, “Update”, “Add or Update”. 

Happy Integrating!

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