Automate accounting processes

Celigo’s banking integrations help automate accounting processes by integrating banking transactions with financial applications.


Banking integrations

ERP and finance

Automate processing of check payments and matching against outstanding invoices, such as with NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Sage.


Automate expense reimbursements via checks, wire transfers, or ACH, such as with Certify, Expensify, and TSheets.

Cash Application Manager Integration App

Automate cash application of customer payments via checks, ACH, or wire transfers by applying bank payments against invoices in NetSuite based on matching rules.

Vendor Payment Manager Integration App

Streamline vendor payments by automating secure FTP transfers of NetSuite payment file (Electronic Payment files or CSV files) to banks.

We chose Celigo because of its feature set and future-proof architecture. So now we just use Celigo. Our estimates are much more predictable. It lets us keep our implementation costs low and develop long-term relationships with our customers. In terms of customer satisfaction and how we can do these projects, it has been much easier than before.

Manuel Wortman,


Founder and CEO,