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NetSuite Vendor Payment Manager

NetSuite Vendor Payment Manager

Streamline the accounts payable process by automating payment file transfers between NetSuite and your bank accounts.

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Streamline Your Accounts Payable Transfers

Celigo automates FTP transfers of vendor payment files from NetSuite to banks and the corresponding acknowledgments and summary files from banks to NetSuite. You’ll be able to reduce operating costs, strengthen vendor relationships, and improve compliance with internal controls while helping your financial processes scale without needing to grow headcount.






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Vendor Payment Manager Integration App Capabilities

Automate Payment and Bank File Transfers

Automatically transfer A/P files from NetSuite to your banks while syncing transfer acknowledgments or payment summary files back from banks to NetSuite. This saves you time and reduces errors in your accounts payable processes.

Saved Searches Automation

Celigo enables you to automatically send payment files to a bank’s FTP/SFTP server created from NetSuite Saved Searches, requiring minimal effort to set up and saving your team bandwidth in the long run.

Support for a Variety of File Formats

Our Integration App supports various file formats like ACH/NACHA, .txt, .xml, etc. for scheduled or on-demand transfers to the banks. Celigo supports .txt files for incoming bank acknowledgment files. File formats like MTXXX, EDI, Wire or Checks are supported in plain text (.txt) format.

Encryption and Decryption

Encrypt files using industry-standard PGP encryption (plain or signed), with support for Secure Channel File Transfer (SFTP). Likewise, Vendor Payment Manager allows easy decryption of the incoming acknowledgment or payment summary files using a simple setting in the Bank to NetSuite flow.

Vendor Payment Manager Integration App Editions


  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenAutomatically transfer accounts payable files from NetSuite to your bank via FTP/SFTP
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenUse NetSuite Saved Searches to create .csv files that will transfer to your bank
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenSupports PGP encryption and the signing of encrypted files
  • agsdix-c243032-check-circle-brokenSupports the option to decrypt incoming files from your bank’s FTP server to NetSuite

The Celigo Platform

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Built for the Enterprise

The platform has the power, tools, and governance needed to handle the most complex use cases.


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Easy Monitoring and Management

The intuitive integration monitoring, error management, data mapping, and real-time alerts make it easy to monitor and maintain automations directly on your Celigo dashboard.


Managed, Prebuilt Solutions

The Celigo Platform provides a comprehensive library of solutions with built-in best practices, AI, and machine learning.


Robust Development Tools

Powerful integration tools for technical users to build complex integrations with custom coding.

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