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ServiceNow automates enterprise services by optimizing IT, Customer Service, Security Operations, and HR processes. Popular ServiceNow integrations include ERP, CRM, tax and finance applications. Celigo is a specialist in integrating ServiceNow to streamline IT and enterprise business processes.

Common Integrations with ServiceNow

ERP, CRM – Integrate tickets, cases, work orders, warranties, and SLAs with ServiceNow (e.g., NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday)
Issues Management  – Automatically sync incidents, cases, and issues (e.g., Jira, Salesforce, Workday)
Collaboration – Set up automated notifications based on status of ServiceNow incidents (e.g., ReadyTalk, Skype, Twilio)

Featured pre-built integrations for ServiceNow

What are Integration Apps and Quickstart Templates?

Integration Apps are prebuilt, fully managed integration applications for popular business applications. With fast and easy setup, Integration Apps are supported and maintained as standalone SaaS applications with automatic and continuous upgrades.

Integration Templates are packages of integration flows for that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted. Unlike Integration Apps, integration templates are not supported nor maintained as standalone SaaS applications.