Published Dec 16, 2022

What Are Integration Apps?

A guide to Celigo’s prebuilt, managed Integration Applications.
Laurie Smith

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Content

Laurie Smith

Celigo Integration Apps (IAs) are standalone SaaS applications running on Celigo’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Integration Apps are turnkey integration solutions that connect applications right out of the box. Integration Apps are fully managed and licensed software integrations that customers can install from the Celigo Marketplace into their accounts.

Integration Apps connect two applications and are unique to the Celigo Platform. Integration Apps contain workflows you can easily configure and deploy without coding or IT support. Prebuilt flows sync from the specified source data to the corresponding destination. Guided maintenance tools, business expertise, and IT governance features are built-in.

Celigo’s Integration Apps are entirely managed by Celigo and receive ongoing updates from our app developers.

Features of Celigo Integration Apps

Low code integrations that are easy to set up and use

With user-friendly guides and flexible user management, anyone can use and maintain Celigo Integration Apps. They allow business users to manage their own integrations. There is no need for technical skills or coding; the platform enables business teams to manage integrations and automations.

Save time and resources

By employing Celigo Integration Apps and creating a phased integration-driven automation approach, companies can do more with fewer resources, save time, and gain the full value of their technology investments while reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Managed ongoing maintenance 

Because these are managed Integration Apps, Celigo automatically pushes updates regularly to remove the time and hassle of maintaining your integrations.

Advanced error handling 

Celigo’s Integration Apps have advanced error-handling capabilities, AI-enabled error-handling tools with auto-resolve features, an error management dashboard, and enhanced email notifications enable business teams to find and resolve errors quickly.

Enables business process automation 

Business process automation is an end-to-end process of integrating and automating workflows to optimize and streamline a particular business process. Business process automation allows people to perform more valuable work by automating repeatable manual processes.


Use Cases of Celigo Integration Apps


Integration Apps from Celigo synchronize data between applications, such as CRM, ERP, and CPQ, allowing users to automate revenue reconciliation, billing and order management, and financial reporting.


By connecting ecommerce storefronts, marketplaces, ERP, 3PL, and payment gateways, Integration Apps allow real-time synchronization of ecommerce data. This helps improve the order-to-cash process and achieve ideal customer experiences and accurate inventory across all your systems.

3PL Fulfillment

Integration Apps can enable more sales orders in less time, provide customers with fast fulfillment, returns, and status updates, and help businesses make informed decisions for procurement and distribution.

Inventory Management

Celigo helps companies keep updated inventory levels in their storefronts, split inventory among locations for multi-channel sales, and manage their inventory in real-time.

Supply Chain Management

Ecommerce companies can reduce the time spent manually managing shipments and connect the supply chain end-to-end with Celigo Integration Apps. Supply chain automation also speeds up processes such as vetting vendors and launching new pricing models.

Customer 360

Integration Apps that connect customer visibility tools will help you understand customer needs and behaviors through integrated, real-time analytics. You can also improve sales tracking by tracking average sales, profits, customer lifetime value, and retention rates.


Instead of manually reconciling every transaction, you can achieve controlled cost savings by switching to management by exception through Celigo. Payout-to-reconciliation automation also accelerates month-end close and allows you to instantly identify discrepancies and unsettled amounts.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding 

Automation of employee provisioning removes manual processes and ensures streamlined new hire experiences. Integration apps connect HR systems to benefits, accounting, performance management, timesheets, SSO, and work email with customizable flows.

Data Ingestion 

Celigo allows business analysts to move data seamlessly from source systems to the data warehouse, as well as moving data back into individual applications (reverse ETL), giving business teams fast time-to-insights and greater control over data management.

The Only iPaaS with Integration Apps

Celigo pioneered the concept of the fully-managed Integration App. Explore additional use cases, prebuilt Integration Apps, Templates, and Connectors in the Celigo Integration Marketplace.