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The Right Partner—Right Here

With Celigo, you have more than just a leading integration platform as a services (iPaaS) provider—you have a platform and partner for growth.

Don’t Build. Partner.

Let Celigo focus on building the best integration platform (iPaaS). By partnering with Celigo, you can focus valuable resources like developers, product managers, and data scientists where it matters most—your product.

Embed iPaaS. Run Faster.

Embedding Celigo into your SaaS applications decreases development cycles and costs while quickly delivering integrations to your end-customers.

Productize Integrations. Drive Innovation.

Stop developing custom integrations for every use case — it’s expensive and not scalable. With, you can productize your integrations, turning them into Integration Applications.

“We are in the business of automating accounting processes, not building or maintaining APIs. By leveraging Celigo’s solutions and expertise with APIs, our team can offer more innovative solutions to our market which, in turn, helps our business accelerate our top-line growth.”

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Jotham Ty

The benefits of participating in the Tech Partner Program

Expanding your addressable market

Expanding your
addressable market

Faster time to value

Faster time
to value

Scaling to meet demand

Scaling to
meet demand

“We’ve seen a double or triple-time improvement on our ability to implement the integration, as well as support when issues or changes come. Once we got our first implementation using Celigo, it immediately helped us solve some other business problems.”

Audrey Walby
at SAFIO Solutions

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Onboard Customers

Reduce Churn and Build Loyalty

Did you know 80% of customers choose a product based on experience, and 23% of churn is due to a bad experience? [] With Celigo, you can quickly and seamlessly onboard your customers by embedding Celigo into your SaaS product.

Embedded Integrations

The Right Integrations

At the Right time

Embed Celigo into your application and empower your product teams to publish and manage integrations with thousands of applications without the headache and resource drain.

Give your sales team a competitive edge—pre and post sales.

Accessible Integrations
Tech Partner Program—Accelerate Your Growth Guide


Tech Partner Program—Accelerate Your Growth

Download the Tech Partner Program Guide to learn more about our program and how we can help your organization scale faster and more efficiently

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