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Empower your developers to build product, not integrations

Accelerate Onboarding

Accelerate Onboarding

Reduce project time and costs by standardizing common integrations

Secure, Scalable Platform

Secure, Scalable Platform

Born in the cloud running AWS and scalable
to handle any load

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Hand off integration work to less
technical resources

“We’ve seen a 2-3x time improvement on our ability to implement the integration, as well as support when issues or changes come. Once we got our first implementation using Celigo, it immediately helped us solve some other business problems.”

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David Zey
Chief Technology Officer
SAFIO Solutions

“We are in the business of automating accounting processes, not building or maintaining APIs. By leveraging Celigo’s solutions and expertise with APIs, our team can offer more innovative solutions to our market which, in turn, helps our business accelerate our top-line growth.”

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Jotham Ty

Launch Fast:
No more one-off integrations
that don’t scale

Expand functionality by connecting your product to thousands of applications

No more hesitation when a customer asks if you are able to
connect to any application

Accessible Integrations

Exceed your customer’s expectations by onboarding
with native integrations

Accelerate delivery of your solution through an
intuitive interface built for custom integrations

Scale advanced integrations without using valuable developer time

With powerful developer tools, Celigo enables companies to build
the integrations their customers need.

Enterprise Functionality for Customization and Development

3 Ways to Scale Integrations

Celigo iPaaS

Celigo iPaaS

One platform for all your integration needs

Everything you need to build, monitor and maintain integrations to your customers and partners



Pre-built integration flows to accelerate projects

Accelerate repetitive integrations and gain exposure within Celigo

Integration Apps

Integration Apps

Standardize for massive scale

Deploy a pre-built integration app for your most common integrations

Embed Celigo and Launch fast

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