Published Jan 10, 2023

Guide to Quote-to-Cash Automation

Laurie Smith

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Content

Laurie Smith

Quote-to-cash automation is an end-to-end process that spans across your ERP and multiple applications including CRM, CPQ, contract management, and subscription and payments. Primarily a sales and finance business process, quote-to-cash also involves sales ops, accounting, legal, and other teams. Due to these complexities, it’s important that data flows easily among all involved teams and applications.

Quote-to-cash automation is more critical than ever

In response to market changes over the last few years, SaaS and software companies are looking for efficiencies to increase cash flow and margins, speed their recoveries, and make the most with their current resources. Fast, accurate processing is crucial to close deals quickly, drive positive customer experience, improve cash management and visibility, and increase operational efficiency.

During the quote-to-cash process for most growing cloud-based software companies, there is a heavy reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes to share data across multiple teams. Based on our customer data, the quote-to-cash process will be high on the list of business processes to tackle in a post-pandemic world.

How to decide if you need to automate quote-to-cash across applications

Celigo automation experts have worked with thousands of SaaS and software companies to automate their business processes.

To achieve business objectives, we found business operations teams need real-time insight into these questions:

  • How often do your customers face delays and mistakes during the quote and sales process?
  • How many employees work with data entry, repetitive tasks, and error management?
  • How many endpoints and workflows are connected during the quote-to-cash process?
  • What is your volume of quotes, and are you outgrowing your internal resources?
  • Do you have accurate visibility into your cash flows to make strategic decisions?
  • How many hours does your accounting and finance team spend on billing and recognizing revenue each month?
  • How many technical resources are focused on low-level technical work versus strategic, revenue-generating initiatives?

Benefits of quote-to-cash automation through integration

Cut out manual processes to minimize the costs associated with time-consuming administrative tasks, inaccurate pricing, and billing mistakes.

Other benefits include:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and data silos between CRM, ERP, and CPQ systems
  • Automate revenue reconciliation from your various payment channels
  • Automate billing and order management to improve cash flow
  • Improve the speed, accuracy, and value of financial processes and reporting

How the Celigo platform automates quote-to-cash across applications

Make the most of your resources using a federated automation model. The IT team has an overhead of the entire organization and maintains data governance, while the line-of-business users create and manage the automations that directly impact their work and team. Celigo’s unique process-centric approach enables mid-market and enterprise companies to automate and optimize processes at scale.

  • Eliminate the data silos between sales and finance using prebuilt solutions with built-in best practices
  • Enable organizations to automate the entire quote-to-cash process end-to-end by eliminating manual processes that slow sales and cash flows
  • Solves your use case end-to-end across sales, operations, and finance no matter the complexity or uniqueness of your quote-to-cash process

Why Celigo?

Celigo automates every stage of your business

Celigo provides full coverage with a comprehensive library of solutions built to support SaaS and software business processes. With managed, prebuilt solutions, you can leverage AI/machine learning to manage and assist in integrations, including self-healing and error management.

Experts in quote-to-cash process automation

With over a decade of experience and thousands of SaaS and software customers, no one else can offer our level of end-to-end coverage with expert guidance and customizable business best practices.

A powerful, scalable platform

The Celigo platform has all the power you need to handle any complex integration or transaction volume. Integrate all of your sales and finance applications, automate your business processes, scale your business, and say goodbye to operational inefficiencies.

Accessible to everyone

An intuitive UI empowers business users to self-serve and manage automations without coding. Easy-to-use monitoring and error management means you don’t have to rely on technical resources to run your business.

A global network of business process experts

The expertise of Celigo’s internal experts and external partners contributes directly to the Celigo platform. Discover how to automate your unique use cases across different applications.