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Almost 3000 NetSuite companies rely on Celigo to
connect applications and automate their business

Eliminate manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed with spreadsheets and
email. Celigo’s Platform enables visibility across the organization - with fewer technical resources

iPaaS for Software companies

Eliminate manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed with spreadsheets and email. Celigo’s platform automates critical business processes across front and back-office applications—that can be configured, deployed, and maintained with fewer technical resources.

iPaaS for SaaS companies

iPaaS for Retail, Manufacturing, and Wholesale Distribution

Celigo’s integrator.io Bundles kickstarts your integrations across the value chain to give you a headstart using best-in-class prebuilt Integration App

iPaaS for Retail, Manufacturing, and Wholesale Distribution
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Banking Solutions for NetSuite

Automatically process transactions, payments, and receipts between NetSuite and your banks. Save time, improve cash flow, scale growth, and maximize your NetSuite investment using Celigo's platform.

Banking Solutions for NetSuite

Supply Chain

Gain the benefits of real-time integration between NetSuite and your 3PL providers. Synchronize order data, fulfillment, and tracking info. Synchronize inventory adjustments. Export return authorization data to your 3PL. Get email alerts on errors and exceptions. Stay in the know.

Supply Chain

The Best, Most Advanced Prebuilt Integrations for NetSuite - By Far

Celigo offers the best-selling, most-advanced prebuilt integration apps for NetSuite:

The Only Fully-productized Integrations Apps for NetSuite

The Celigo marketplace offers a list of best-in-class prebuilt Integration Apps, Quickstart Templates, and Connectors to popular applications such as Salesforce and Shopify.

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Build, Manage, and Hand-off Integrations at Scale

Easy to Build, Manage, and
Hand-off Integrations

Whether you need a simple FTP integration or a complex orchestration between multiple applications with data transformations, Celigo has all the tools you need. Quickly build and manage integrations as they come - Celigo’s design makes it easy for less technical resources across your organization to maintain the integrations.

Celigo’s integrator.io connects REST/JSON, XML, FTP, EDI, SQL, and more

Configure and Deploy - Fast, Scalable, Flexible

As companies grow and processes change, Celigo’s integrator.io iPaaS allows anyone to automate,
customize, and expand integrations exactly as needed, so you can focus on your core business.

Guided USer Interface

Guided User Interface

Step-by-step wizard with API adaptors, visual field mapping, drop-down menus, and other tools for no-coding integration
Advanced Developer Toos

Advanced Developer Tools

Advanced tools for creating and sharing stacks, generating tokens for direct API calls, building wrappers, and more
Complex Orchestrations

Complex Orchestrations

Support complex processes by integrating multiple apps and data sources as part of single integration flow
Prebuilt Integrations

Prebuilt Integrations

Accelerate with prebuilt Integration Apps, reusable integration templates, connectors to hundreds of applications, EDI templates, and more
Actionable Dashboard

Actionable Dashboard

Full visibility to monitor, manage, and update integrations with access to error details and ability to re-run integrations
Undersal Adaptors

Universal Adaptors

Connect with any application or data source using adaptors for REST/JSON, XML, FTP, AS2, EDI, SQL, web hooks, on-prem, and more
Jay Thill

"We switched because Celigo was a far better product. It wasn’t even close!"

— Jay Thill, Director of Ecommerce
    Cargo Equipment Corp.

Adam Szamet, Director of Business Applications, LootCrate

“Celigo offers lots of advanced capabilities, with an easy-to-use interface. That’s something that the other iPaaS solutions are missing. It’s a game-changer.”

Adam Szamet
Director of Business Applications

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